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[A Touch of Evil] Three mini reports
11-24-2019, 06:10 AM
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[A Touch of Evil] Three mini reports
Sometimes I buy a game and it might not get played for a while and then gets sold off, this is what happened with my copy of A Touch of Evil years ago.
However things in the future change and I figured this would be a really good game for my wife and I to enjoy together as Co-op so I rebought it with my hobby allowance and a week ago today I received it.

I think I played three games of it in three consecutive days and this is how I remember them.

It was a very hot and humid November day in Perth, Western Australia being Australian summer time so I was hiding out back in my wifes room because she has the only refrigerated Airconditioning unit in the house, the rest of the house is hooked up to evaporative AC which is useless when its humid.

While she was resting in bed and listening to an audiobook I set up my mini games table and played a solo game just to refamiliarise myself with the game.
One thing I really love about A Touch of Evil is that it doesn't take much play space.

So my solo game was Katarina the Outlaw vs the Horseman.
The decks weren't shuffled very well and I pulled a Waves of Evil Minions draw that put those demon wolf Barghests on three locations and they hunt down the nearest player.
So Katarina first encounters one Barghest just outside Town that wounds her very badly despite dispatching it, a second one in the Blacksmith where they knock each other out, and then at the Doctors office where the final one awaits her.
Eventually she hunts down the Horseman to his lair and they mutually kill each other.
So she sacrifices her life for the good of the town.

The second game was a day or two later I believe with myself playing the Inspector and my father playing the Courier against the Horseman.
He complained often about how long it would take because he is pretty old these days but did alright.
I got knocked out in a fight early a couple of times, first by the ghostly soldiers and then by the Horsemans ride by, this allowed my dad to collect and gather up lots of investigation which he used to purchase some good items to help himself.
By the time we started getting anywhere Dad wanted to go to bed so we switched from Competitive mode to a Co-op showdown against the Horseman which we both lost and called the game there.

This happened the day after my game with Dad where my wife promised to play this game with me, she was Anne Marie the School Teacher and I was Jake Cartwright the Drifter and again we faced down the Horseman. (I Specifically wanted the horseman for this game to show her the Sleepy Hollow-ness theme)

The first lot of turns were very uneventful, no monsters and no investigation to collect until lost of ghost soldiers spawned and then a turn or two later the Ongoing Mystery Card where Evil is on the move and very hard to pin down in a lair but lots of investigation on the board to be gathered.
So we stocked up, loaded up with some nice gear and by the time the showdown came it happened on around darkness number 7 so halfway.
My character was very well equipped with a Musket with Silver Bullets and some Play Immediate Event cards that added to my fight value, while my wife had trained her Spirit up and had an item that allowed her to use Spirit instead of Combat.
It really looked like the boss wasn't going to stand a chance.
Well my dice rolls really whiffed only scoring one wound in the 2nd turn of showdown combat and we both were knocked out with the Horseman retaining one wound left.
We called it a loss there but it was still a lot of fun.
The wifey loved the game and especially because it was Co-Op, she suggested we bring it with us to The States next year when we go to visit her family in Ihado.

Me for Xmas am planning on loading up on all the expansions, one of the reasons I really wanted to get back into AToE was that a couple of guys on BoardGameGeek combined all three maps into one where the towns are central to all the actions.
I am going to get that map printed out on Vinyl for our games!
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11-24-2019, 12:29 PM
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RE: [A Touch of Evil] Three mini reports
AToE is my favorite FFP Game I have all the Expansions & am hoping for a
4th Map Expansion.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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