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Campaining in Hell
09-28-2018, 01:17 PM (This post was last modified: 09-29-2018 06:03 PM by Old Dwarf.)
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Campaining in Hell
The Campaign is called 'Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle"

The purpose of Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle
is to provide a background to generate
battles between the 17th Century Holy Roman
Empire & the Forces of Hell.

The Empire seeks to conquer Hell Level by Level &
the Demonic forces seek to stop them. The futility of
actually conquering Hell is lost in the religious fervor
& real politic of the times. It amuses his Satanic Majesty
to let the mortals try.

The Campaign progresses through all 9 Levels of hell

Level 1 -The Damned (possible Saracens)
Level II-The Lustful (Possible Saracens or Harpies)
Level III-The Gluttons (Possible Saracens)
Level IV-The Greedy (Possible Knights Templars)
Level V-The Slothful
Level VI-The Prideful
Level VII-The Vengeful
Level VIII-The Envious
Level IX-The Traitorous

Plus possible side Battles with The Knights Templars, Saracens
& the Harpies of the Infernal Woods.

I'm using the OoP "Napoleon in Europe" Tactical Battle System &
Battle Board plus a few modification to fit the Hell Theme.

The Armies are based on Regiment/Battalion using 10 mm GW WarMaster figs.14 Factions are represented.

A Campaign consists of 3 Battles (or 4 if Templars/Saracens/Harpies encountered) for each Hell Level .
The winner is determined by a Point System based on Major/Minor/Draw results. Highest
point total after 3(or 4) Battles determine who controls that Level
of Hell. If the Empire Wins it proceeds to the next Hell Level if
it loses it must try again at the current Hell Level. Conquered
Levels can also rebel forcing the Empire to put it down or lose
control of the rebelled Level.

The Battle Reports are presented as Journal entries of Hans Rupbert Gluck, Commander Holy Roman Empire Hell Expeditionary Force.

Battles vary in time but Reports are presented in (Hour) Glass

Army List will be added to this Thread as the Empire enters
a new Hell Level.

Whose Who in Hell

The Holy Roman Empire-is a typical 17th Century
Army fielded by the Holy Roman Emperor.Pikes & early
muskets & some cannon.Cavalry is excluded however
as Hell is not tolerated by horses & it would be impossible
to supply them.

The Demonic Forces are based on the demons & sinners
assigned to each Level of Hell (I-IX)

The Greater Demon is a Prince of Hell who controls
that specific level (based on the 7 Deadly Sins)

The basic core Army troops are the Minor Demons
of the specific Level who serve the Greater Demon.
The also include some Lesser Demonic Leaders as
The Lord of Lust , The Duke of Hell & The Four Horsemen

The Damned -are the Sinners consigned to Hell at the
Level of their Sins.Those on the 1st Level are not
actually sinners but pagans,unbaptized,nonbelievers
or simply commited atrocious acts on orders from
their superiors,who were never offered conversion/

Some like the Command & Line forces are unrepented,
others like the Flagellants hate their fate .

They include:Flagellants,Heretics ,Pagans some historical Characters
and on the IX.Level the Traitorous who have betrayed their earthly ruler.
They are skeletons having been stripped
of their flesh as punishment.Judas & Brutus have been elevated
to Greater Demon status(Judas) & Demon Status(Brutus).

The Lost-are resident underground races that were enslaved by
the Demons but have managed to break away & achieve some
Independence but often still serve Demonic Forces as Mercenaries.

They include the Squamata Nomads & the Retiarii -The
Lost would serve the Holy Roman Forces but the Emperor
& Pope have rejected them as unclean & Hell tainted.
The treatment of their emissaries by the humans was
such that they gladly serve the Demonic forces.

Bran Carnoth,Lord of the Lost-is a mutated human
who has become the uniting force among the various
Lost Races.His select Unit may show up to lead
the Lost.

The Realm of Sapience & The Knights Templer

When Jerusalem was taken after a brutal siege
a portal to Hell opened up which the Knights Templer
discovered.When the Moslem's regained Jerusalem
the Knights used the Portal to escape with their
"Treasures"& founded The Realm of Sapience.

The Knights made pacts with the Demonic Forces
& received land upon which to settle & Demonic
Mounts (Hell Horses) so thery could replace their
own horses who could not abide Hell.

This was the secret Edmond De Molay took to
his death,after the Templer purge they continued
this secret realm in exile.The Templers horde their
vast knowledge,artifacts & wealth on the IV Level
of Hell it has damned them for this Greed.

The Knights are undying thanks to the Timelessness
of Hell.They defend their realm against all comers.

The Saracens have been in Hell about 200 years before
the Western Portal opened. They have made treaties
with the Demonic Forces & seek to gain knowledge
& resources rather than Conquer Hell. They will defend
their territory from the Holy Roman Empire forces.

Campaign Background

The brutality of the 30 Years War reached new heights when
General Tilly's Imperial Forces sacked the city of
Magdeburg in 1631 & set off an orgy of rape, pillage & plunder.
So great was the blood shed that it steeped into the earth
in such vast quantities that it opened a portal to Hell.

The victorious Catholic forces lost no time in exploring
this gaping portal & discovered to their horror it
was a Hell Gate.Brief clashes with demonic forces
who resisted the humans exploration soon reached
the Imperial Court at Wen and the Pope in Rome.

Emperor Ferdinand II anxious not to be distracted
from his crusade to rid Protestantism from the Empire,
was disposed to order the sealing of the portal.
Pope Urban VIII was however appalled at the blasphemy
of the Hell Gate.He also was seeking ways to limit
the power of the Hapsburg's who although Catholic
presented too much concentration of power in their control
of both Spain & The Holy Roman Empire.This power
threated the Papal States in Italy which were sandwiched
between Spain & the Empire.

Pope Urban decided the Hell Gate was the perfect
distraction to keep the expansive Ferdinand occupied.
The Pope invoked a Crusade to cleanse Hell & requested
that Ferdinand provide the forces.

Ferdinand reluctant to put aside his campaigns in Germany,
nevertheless could not ignore the Papal obligation
placed on him. He therefore instructed General Tilly to
make some forces available for the conquest of Hell.

Thus the cleansing of Hell was begun as a poor stepchild
effort, the Emperor supporting it enough to show his
obedience to Papal wishes but not enough to interfere
with his war against the Protestants.

Hell Level I- Army Lists
(Note not all Units are represented in each Battle as they may be assigned
other duties- Armies consist of 11 Units for each Battle)

The Holy Roman Empire Army

Command Unit 1st Brigade 1st Austrian Regiment Hans Rupbert Gluck- Elite Inf.

Brigade Units:

1st Austrian Brigade 2nd & 3rd Austrian Regiments- Inf.
1st Papal States Brigade 1st Regiment Papal States-Elite Inf.
1st Papal States Brigade 2nd & 3rd Papal State Regiments-Inf.
1st Saxon Brigade 1st Saxony Regiment-Elite Inf.*
1st Saxon Brigade 2nd & 3rd Saxony Regiments-Inf.*

* Available after Sept 1635 Protestant Troops now allied
with HRE. They cannot be in same battle with Papal Troops
Roll d6: Even use Papal/ Odd use Saxon

Battalions Units:

3 Bavarian Arquebus- Inf. for Fire/Lt Inf. for Defense
3 Bohemian Militia- Militia
1 Austrian Doppelsoldner-Elite Inf.
1 Cannon-Cannon ( special Cannon rule- Keeping kegs of
gun power in Hell poses problems it can get too wet,hot,cold
which can cause malfunctions. To represent this each time Cannon
fires roll d6 on 6 it explodes & out of the battle. Note no VP are
awarded to enemy for this loss.
Possible Angel- Elite Inf.

Rebellion Suppression Battle- Command Unit is 1Brigade 1st Papal Regiment Inquisitor General
for Hell Vincenzo Maculano (no Saxon Troops used in Rebellions)

The Damned Army

Command Unit Gilles de Rais, Marshall of Hell 1st Brittany Regiment -Hvy Cav.

Brigade Units:

1st Brigade 1st Regiment Brittany -Elite Inf.
1st Brigade 2nd & 3rd Regiments Brittany -Inf.

1 Brigade 1st Pagan Regiment- Inf.
1st brigade 2nd & 3rd Pagan Regiments-Lt Inf.

Battalion Units:

3 Hell Hounds-Irregular Cav.
roll d6:

Even -2 Squamata Regiments -Inf.
Odd-2 Retarii Regiments-Lt Inf.

2 Possible Empire Deserters Companies- Militia- ignore retreat results. If Hit use Fire Special Rule.
(desperate men Empire will hang/ Demons will kill for cowards.)

Possible Fallen Angel-Elite Inf.
Possible Bran Carnoth,Lord of the Lost-Hvy Cav.

Greater Demon of Combat-Elite Inf. (Last Battle only)

"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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