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Character Painting Guide Pt1 (Kenny + Rachelle)
11-29-2010, 09:41 PM (This post was last modified: 01-12-2013 11:59 AM by samuraitrev.)
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Character Painting Guide Pt1 (Kenny + Rachelle)
To view my You Tube Painting guides follow this link

Hi Sam here! Ok here's a painting guide for some of LNOE's heroes but the same principles apply to all the figures. If anyboby wants me to do a zombie guide let me knowWatchmen02 The timing applies for all models for one model halve it.

Essentials: Decent brush, Basic Paints (There are many brands, take your pick I use GW)

Luxuries : Different brush grades small to large, Spray Undercoat, Spray Varnish matt or gloss, pva glue, sand(2 different grades), craft knife, small file set flat and round, Palette a plastic tub or tile is fine.

Stage 1: (Skip this stage if you've got the gear) You need a desk, feel free to cut it to pieces Insane21 and pour paint all over it. I've been using it nearly twenty years. You need tools a DECENT brush, without it it's like trying to walk with a nail in your boot. All you need is patience and a good brush. Time is not a problem, I work full time and have a few month old kid. Bad eyes? get some new glasses. Shaking hands? cut down on the booze!Watchmen02 Right so no excuses let's get painting!!

Stage 2 (2 mins) : (skip this stage if you're using metal figures) BATH those mothers!! Warm water and a small amount of soap/detergent They've sometimes got a fine layer of grease or oil on 'em from production and can effect how the paint is applied plus your models may feel 'sticky' even after painted.

Stage 3 (8mins) : REMOVE those unsightly mould lines. Unless you know anyone with big lines running over thier faces and arms, they are pretty ugly and unrealistic.

Stage 4 (Seconds) : SUPPORT. use a piece of plastic, or card, an old paint pot, (or a wine cork for a single model). Anything where you can support your models without rubbing your hands all over them. If you hold your model as you're painting it (even the base) you are removing paint. Trust me.

Stage 5 (5 mins.) : UNDERCOAT (This includes drying time) It's your call if you use black or white. Both have thier pros and cons. I use both. Make sure you have an even coat. Two thin coats is better than one thick one.

Stage 6 (1Hr 25 mins.) : 8 BASIC COLOURS. Take your sweet time, any mistakes cover over, neatness is the key here. I use mainly GW foundation paints at this stage. They will cover about anything in one coat even red or yellows over a black undercoat.
If you haven't got these exact colours it makes no difference. Use whatever equivalent colours you have. The key is technique here.

Kenny:- Skin:Tallarn Flesh, Hair:Desert Yellow, Shirt:Dheneb Stone, Trousers:Fenris Grey, Apron:Astronomican Grey, Cans:Boltgun Metal.

Rachelle:-Skin:Calthan Brown, Hair and gun stock:Scorched Brown, Shirt:Dheneb Stone, Body Armour and Trousers:Fenris Grey, Shotgun:Boltgun Metal.

I'm sure you painted a lot quicker than me I'm more of a dead tortoise than a hare. You should now be holding a basically painted figure or figures. To save time in future try painting a few at once. I find about 6 to be about right. The model you are holding would look fine on the tabletop, but you don't want to leave it there Do you? I thought not let's up our game and move on to advanced techniques in Pt 2.

Comment/Questions are always welcome Watchmen02
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