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Escape in the Truck Reimagined
04-03-2013, 07:28 PM (This post was last modified: 04-11-2013 07:10 AM by deepfreeze.)
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Escape in the Truck Reimagined

Please find my reimagined "Escape in the Truck" Scenario above. PDF is available in the download section and below

.pdf  Escape in the Truck Reimagined.pdf (Size: 4.44 MB / Downloads: 53)


-The Gasoline cards are taken out of the deck and located in a well stocked gas station that CANNOT BE TAKEN OVER.

-The Truck Keys are in a random house (Other than the Gas Station) using counters 1-6 with a 50% chance to find them on each attempt.
-This mechanic is taken almost verbatim from All Hallows Eve. The only difference is that you have to give up your search/move, but I added a 50% chance to get the search card anyways to balance this. If anyone has a problem with this then they you could make it exactly like AHE, have the counter attempt happen during range weapons, and not give up the search.

2) Will the truck start?
-Heroes have to roll a 6 to start the truck. 1 dice/hero in the truck. So if you get all 4 heroes to the truck you have >50% chance of starting on your first turn.
-Leaving Heroes behind has consequences both in this feature and below!

3) Zombies still on the truck must be fought as you make your getaway.
-All you have to do is beat them in a fight to knock them out of the truck.
-The driver cannot fight.
-Heroes lose respawn ability at this point, but can still be turned into zombie heroes which are knocked out in the same way.
-Usually heroes should survive if they make it to this point, but not without a seriously exciting final showdown.
-Potential for endgame disaster that we all know we wanted to see no matter which side we were on.

Some potential problems and solutions.
1) If you have a jerk zombie player who doesn't care about theme and just wants to find an exploit by putting all of his zombies in the truck and waiting, simply add some sort of zombie limit in the center (maybe 4?). This same problem exists in the original scenario anyway.
-Could also be dealt in-game using zombie hunger or explosives/shotgun.
-Also you should stop playing with this friend because they obviously don't get the point of the game.

2) The Gas Station cannot be taken over.

3) Keep in mind that the truck can be filled up with gas before the keys are even found so you do not have to give up all those turns in a row at the end of the game.


Updated rules below! Mostly just clarifications.

1) Place the truck in the center of Town. Remove all of the Gasoline cards from the Hero Deck. The Gasoline is obtained from a "Well Stocked" Gas Station that cannot be taken over. Place counters 1-6 facedown in random buildings. Roll a d6 to determine the counter that is the Truck Keys.

2) Heroes can replace their move/search roll with a d6 to look for the Truck Keys. On the roll of 1-3 Take a Hero Card. On the roll of 4+ reveal the counter.
-If Hero is killed carrying Truck Keys then their Zombie Hero must be killed to recover them.

3) To fill up the truck with gas a Hero must give up their turn in the truck and discard the Gasoline.

4) Once the Heroes attempt to start the truck, the Hero with the Truck Keys becomes "The Driver" and the"Escape Phase" begins.
-To attempt to start the Truck and begin the "Escape Phase", the Hero with the Truck Keys must give up their turn at the truck and roll a d6 for each Hero in truck. The truck starts on the roll of 6.

5) Escape phase - The following rule changes are now in effect.
-The Driver always goes first in subsequent human turns. All the driver can do is attempt to start the truck. They cannot fight, shoot range weapons, or use special abilities. If the Driver is ever left alone with a zombie then they are immediately killed and the game is over.
-the sun tracker stops and the 4 Hero death win condition no longer applies.
-Heroes cannot leave the truck but can get on the truck.
-Heroes killed DO become Zombie Heros and Heroes DO NOT respawn.
-Fights on the truck only happen on Zombie turn and when Heroes win they knock the zombies 1 space out of the truck (Heroes Choice).

6) Once truck is started all zombies or Zombie Heroes in the truck must be either killed or knocked off the truck by beating them in a fight. No more zombies can get onto the truck after it has started and the Zombie player can not draw new cards.-Driver now rolls 2 dice at the start of each subsequent hero turn that the humans fail to clear the truck. If the Driver rolls doubles then the truck crashes and the escape failed.
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