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Games Worshop new paint range review + Blood Angel Terminator colour scheme
11-01-2012, 05:26 PM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2012 05:40 PM by samuraitrev.)
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Games Worshop new paint range review + Blood Angel Terminator colour scheme
Hi fellow painters and gamers. I have been painting for 2 decades and I have used GW's paints from the days they used glass pots. (I still own and use the matt and gloss varnish). I'm not an expert by any means but you'll know that when you see my painting. I get by and I'm happy to get them to a fair level.
So moving on. It was with great dismay when I heard that GW was bringing out a completely new line of paints. The range has 145 paints. I immediately thought 'here we go again'. The same as I do when ever they reprint a game you've already bought about 3 times already. So I started looking into other paint lines and I couldn't really find a large range in my area that I could just go down to the shop every time I needed a new paint. I know, I know I could order it online but when I've got the painting bug I need it today not wait for it to arrive. So I started reading reviews on the new GW line. Now don't forget I already had the full range of the old line so I thought maybe it's not too bad because I found a paint conversion chart.

So far so good. Unfortunately not because the paints aren't exactly the same as a different company is making them it is almost impossible to get an exact match (so we're told). The new company is also the reason for the name changes.
However I was impressed with the way you could match up the colours using the charts that included every painting stage from basecoat, wash, layer 1, layer 2, drybrush and glaze. See the chart here

So I took the plunge. I sold my old full range and raided the coffers. I got a large discount from this company called rockethobbies. It did take a long time to be dispatched (13 days). At the time of writing the full range is available for £268 a saving of £65. They all arrived mixed up in one box packaged reasonably well but fully complete.
(disclaimer I or will not be held responsible for any problems when ordering from this company. There's other companies out there too and you might get a better deal so shop around.)

The pots are pretty good although I've still found a little still gets into the seal of the lid which is annoying. You get 12ml of paint in these pots. Which isn't a great deal compared to some other companies.

Base Coat (range of 33 paints)
The first thing I noticed the great coverage and vivid colours with these paints. The reds and the yellows went on smoothly and I used 3 coats to get a solid colour. Every paint is slightly watered down to get a smooth coat. (no more, no less coats than the old range). What I will say is the colours seem more vivid, they seem to 'pop' more and the previous paints seemed a bit pastel or duller. Furthermore the new base coat paints are not as thick and gloopy as the previous foundation paints. Which needed to be heavily watered down.
I used in this order Mephiston Red for the armour, Caliban Green for the eye lenses, Lead Belcher for the Heavy Stormbolter and vents, Averland Sunset for the Power Fist, Abaddon Black for the trim around the Power Fist and Balthasar Gold for the Badges.
(6 Paints)

Washes (range of 12 washes)
These washes compare pretty well to the previous set of washes. I found the last set too thin in some cases such as Baal Red you wouldn't realise it was on. Now I'm all for subtlety but there's subtle and there's invisible! These new washes are great as always practice on a spot maybe underneath or another model first as these go on a little thicker than before. I was very happy with them I used in this order
Carroburg Crimson for the armour, Nuln Oil for the Stormbolter and vents, Agrax Earthshade for the Badges and Cassandora Yellow for the Power Fist.
(4 Washes)

Layer Paints (layer 1) (range of 70 paints)
These paints all went on smooth (smoother than the base coat paints). The graduation from the basecoat is just right and compliments the basecoat and wash.
I painted these on in this order. Evil Sunz Scarlet for the armour, Warpstone Glow for the eye lenses, Ironbreaker for the Stormbolter and vents Eshin Grey for the trim around the Power Fist, Gehenna's Gold for the badges and Yriel Yellow for the Powerfist.
(6 Paints)

Layer Paints (layer 2)
I used Wild Rider Red for the armour, a touch of Moot Green for the eye lenses, Runefang Steel for the Stormbolter and vents, Dawnstone for the trim around the Power Fist, Auric Armour Gold for the badges and Flash Gitz Yellow for the power fist.
(6 Paints)

Drybrush (range of 15 Dry paints)
I experimented on a scrap model with these and I have to say I found them difficult to use. The paint in the pots is thick, to the point it won't move if you shake it up. The paint goes on to the model sticky is the best way I can describe it. I wasn't happy with the results and I'm glad I tested them first. Maybe with practice I can get better with them but for now I'm not going to recommend them. I think they'd work well on scenery or a tank etc. but highlighting is not always great on smooth surfaces anyway. Its much better used on hair or fur. I would have preferred to have these colours (really crisp and bright) to use as a third layer with the same consistency as the layer paints.
(0 used on the Terminators)

Glaze (range of 4 glazes)
These work much in the same way as the Inks GW used to do before the Foundation paint and wash sets and I always liked them. I still have some Inks I use for basing as they're thick and all round great. These are much lighter than the inks so don't be worried about losing all that hard work that you did with your layering. Instead they help to blend the layering together. It will drop the overall brightness a small amount but you get a smoother finish.
I used Bloodletter for the armour and Lamenters Yellow for the Power Fist.
(2 Glazes)

Final Touches
I painted the gems on the badges using the same paints as the eye lenses. I painted the stripes on the Power Fist and the Right Shoulder Emblem the same as the Trim around the Powerfist. I wasn't showing off I would have prefered to use transfers!

Basing (6 Texture paints)
Again I practiced on a rough model and this stuff is like sludge. I know it's meant to be. I was too scared of ruining my models by using this stuff and getting it all over their feet. Although I do feel this stuff has a place. It would look great on tank tracks etc. and could be painted and shaded when dry. I just use PVA glue put on with a cocktail stick and dropped in a mix of fine and medium grade sand then allow to dry then ink it black.
I used Mechanicus Standard Grey basecoat drybrushed on to the rubble followed by a highlight of Ulthuan Grey layer paint. The outside of the paint I used Abaddon Black.

Here's the finished result. They're the best Terminators I've ever painted and I'm happy with them. I really enjoyed using the new paints and I'm looking forward to using them in a painting Guide for the Heroes of Timber Peak. The guide will have photos of the paints going on stage-by-stage so you can see the effects. I recommend the Basecoat, washes, glazes and layer paints.

Large range of colours, good coverage, vivid tones, great metallics, the colours blend together well.

the dry and texture paints are difficult to use, expensive, more paint would have been good.


Please post any comments or questions and I will reply.
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11-03-2012, 07:30 PM
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RE: Games Worshop new paint range review + Blood Angel Terminator colour scheme
First thing I notice on that conversion chart is the names are even more silly than they used to be!

Unfortunately I don't paint anymore due to the ridiculous amount of money I would have to lay out for new paints (having not done much in 10 years)
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