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Hello there
05-10-2009, 04:30 PM
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Hello there
Hi there,

I'm Nick from Quebec City Canada, I'm a big zombie fans but saddly, ain't too much a forum or chat room lover :P. I don't even have a facebook profile :S (Oh mi god, does that mean that I don't really exist ! Or does that means that I don't have any friends ! I never thought about all this, my world is crumbling around me !)

So, I was suppose to create new characters representing me and my roomy... since last summer and I've decided that one year was enough procrastination :P. I'm also looking for developping a little cosplay game short enough to be played on friday the thirteen nights, a live zombie game that could be played in my appartement... In development, I'm planning to giving it a test run on my birthday, july 29.

I'm also a big fan of arkham horror, if some of you are playing the league, I'm the leader of the friggin frogs in the 3-4 players category.

yep, yep, so much to do, so much to drink and so much to listen too... Who are you ? Stop touching yourself while your reading my post, you can't watch adult rated material while reading my post ??? Have you no shame !

See ya Zombie03

"Man, I like these zombies better when they got clothes on. That an ex-girlfriend of yours, Nick?"
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