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Here's my Favorites Zombie films What's yours?
03-01-2011, 10:58 PM
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RE: Here's my Favorites Zombie films What's yours?
Dawn of the dead [remake] is my numero uno because you actually care about what happens to the characters in it. Romero has taken enough time to give you interaction and characters you either hate or love.

However, after Zombieland came along, black-comedy zombie, it for a while rose to numero uno, but after the initial fun-blaze faded, Dawn of the Dead still rules.

28 Days i think is my number three. Excellent apocalyptic scenario with raging crazies and some nice scary situations. And yes, you also care if they die or not. The sequel was ok, but didn't really

Another good parody of Dawn of the Dead is also Shaun of the dead. I guess it gets 4th place.

I did also see "Død snø" / "Dead Snow", Norwegian movie, and it is a kind of dark comedy. It is very light in theme, but surprisingly worth the watch. But no match for the other movies mentioned in my humble opinion.

I guess that's what I remember at the moment, which is what matters.

When talking about series I would recommend Walking Dead, although it is not the best I've seen so far. strangely I think I would recommend Dead Set instead, which is kind a reality-tv parody of "The Big Brother House", but serious in it own way.

If your looking for another epic apocalypse movie (but no zombies), although dark as H*ll, then I would recommend "the road". I bitter and black movie, but if your into Apocalypse, then it is a "must see".
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