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Here's my Favorites Zombie films What's yours?
11-11-2011, 07:07 PM
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RE: Here's my Favorites Zombie films What's yours?
(11-10-2011 08:07 PM)samuraitrev Wrote:  So I watched Romero's 6th Zombie film Survival of the Dead the other night. I was expecting his trademark powerful sociolgical message to be there as is all his other films. It just isn't there. We're used to having characters we don't really care about and him using unknown actors and that's fine.In fact I prefer his films that way. What really gets me is there's 0 plot. Now you may say right o.k but the action must be good? Nope. What about some scares? Nope. Well what is there to see? Well there are some cool Zombie deaths but get this. Instead of using lots of cool models being blown to bits and buckets of fake blood. E.g. a face getting blown away point blank it's c.g.i! NOOOOOOOO! There's still a little imagination with the deaths so it's ok for that. My advice is rent it if you must. Sink a few beers as you don't need to follow it and you may get the giggles while massively drunk and enjoy it. I have all Romero's Zombie films and love 'em except this. [Lame analogy time] If this was a Zombie it needs a headshot and put to rest. Avoid.

I would give this film 2 stars out of 5.Insane19

I couldn't even get through the first half terrible terrible movie! Watch Fido instead... I think I've mentioned that movie enough now... Any way off to Skyrim!
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