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Hero Pack #2 content breakdown (spoilers)
12-28-2017, 02:54 AM (This post was last modified: 12-28-2017 03:21 AM by Ogmundprime.)
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Hero Pack #2 content breakdown (spoilers)
Most of the early guesses were correct. Some great tie in with current characters and perhaps the reveal of the CAUSE of the outbreak!

ANGELA (CHEERLEADER) - Student/Female - Start: Gym - 2 wounds
"Go Team! That's the Spirit!!!"
Acrobatics - May move through spaces with Zombies, without stopping.
Team Spirit - Once per turn, choose one other Hero in your space to gain an extra Fight Die until the end of the turn.
Youth - May give up a Move Action to Fully Heal.
Bio: Growing up, Angela was always popular at school. Perky and upbeat, she found cheerleading to be a natural fit in high school, quickly becoming the head of the squad. Acrobatic and light on her feet, she reveled in the spotlight during the big games, leading the cheers for the home team, while cheering loudest for her secret crush...Johnny, the quarterback.

BEAR (BIKER) - Outlaw/Male - Start: Diner - 4 wounds
"Now...What do we have here?"
Knockback - When the Hero beats a Zombie in a Fight, they may move that Zombie up to 2 spaces in any direction.
Bio: Down on his luck, Bear spends most of his days drinking in the tavern, riding his bike along the winding mountain roads, or sitting in a booth at the Diner. Often ending up on the wrong side of the law, he generally keeps to himself, though he is well known from Woodinvale to Timber Peak for his hot temper and violent moods.

MARIA (BOOKWORM) - Student/Strange/Female - Start: Library - 2 wounds
"I knew studying would pay off"
Power of Knowledge - Whenever a Hero Event is played, roll a D6. On the roll of 5 or 6, this Hero may draw a Hero Card.
Youth - May give up a Move Action to Fully Heal.
Bio: Spending most of her free time in the library, her nose buried in books of all kinds, Maria is quiet and reserved. A junior in high school, she has few friends, preferring the company of fictional characters and historical figures to the troubles of the world around her. Though lacking in any real experience, Maria is excited about her internship at the chemical plant next summer with her sponsor, Dr. Yamato.

DR. YAMATO (CHEMICAL ENGINEER) - Science/Male - Start: The Plant - 3 wounds
"I can fix this!"
Cutting Edge Science - Once per turn, you may discard the top 3 cards from the Hero Deck to choose a Zombie Card or Zombie Upgrade. Cancel that card on the D6 roll of 5 or 6. If a Zombie Upgrade, the Hero Cards discarded are removed from the game (except Scenario Search Cards).
Brilliant - When Searching, roll a D6. On the roll of 6, draw an extra Hero Card.
Bio: A brilliant scientist at the nearby chemical plant, Dr. Yamato was a part of research and development on the newest, most cutting edge projects. His latest work focused on PROJECT OSIRIS, a top secret government contract working to create a next level chemical compound with the power to manipulate and regenerate dead cells.

Zombie: Always Zombie Heroes/Zombies Auto Spawn/Lights Out (2)/Taken Over (2)
Hero: Heroes Replenish/Hero Starting Cards (1)
1) The Heroes have been left behind in a town overrun with Zombies! As the night closes do the hungry dead. At the start of each Zombie Turn, the Zombie Player rolls a D6 and may move that many of their Zombies 1 space each (if 2 Zombie Players, each Player may move D3 of their Zombies instead). These Zombies may still move and Fight normally this turn.
2) To win, the Zombies must kill 3 Heroes.
3) Heroes win by surviving until Morning.

Outsmart [/u]- Event
Choose an Event from the Hero Cards discard pile to take into hand. After playing Outsmart, remove it from the game.
Adrenaline Rush - Event
Until the end of the turn, Heroes may move through spaces with Zombies, without being stopped.
Magnum Revolver [2]: Range 3 (counts as revolver)
Target a Zombie within Range and roll a D6. The Zombie is hit on a roll of 3+ or killed on the roll of 5+. If a 1 is rolled, the Magnum Revolver is out of ammo (discard). If a Zombie is still on the board after being targeted, push it back 1 space directly away from the Hero.
Text Book - Item
Once per turn, you may reroll any one die that you just rolled.

Out of Control - Event (Remains in Play)
Play at the start of a Zombie Turn on any Hero. Whenever that Hero rolls a 1 for move, the Zombie Player may move the Hero up to 2 spaces instead of the Hero's normal Move Action. Discard if the Hero only has 1 Health remaining.
Rookie Mistake - Event
Play when a Hero enters a space with a Zombie. That Hero rolls 1 less Fight Die until the start of their next activation.
Exhaustion - Event
Play to cancel a Hero Event card on the D6 roll of 5 or 6.
Chewing Through [2] - Event - FIGHT:
The Zombie rolls 1 extra Fight Die. If the Zombie wins the Fight, the Hero must also discard an item (or discard 3D6 cards from the top of the Hero Deck if the Hero has no Item to discard. If this discards the last Hero card, the Heroes lose).

Easter Egg: Hidden in the credits of the Hero Pack #2 insert.
"There will always be more Heroes to answer the call".

Initial thoughts, Magnum Revolver gives us a nice counter to Zombie Heroes and the Behemoth. The Left Behind scenario gives us a timeline where the heroes have been left by a group that escaped...this must be shortly after Sheriff Anderson, Sally, and the Drifter make their way to Timber Peak. This gives hope that perhaps more heroes will survive to become veteran slayers. Viktor gets a fellow outlaw in crime with Bear, we now know the owner of the motorcycle token, and the Chemical Plant spawning pit is explained through Dr. Yamato's research. In fact the PROJECT OSIRIS could easily explain the recent outbreak, however we already know that this is not the first time that the residents have had to deal with the returning dead. I wish they would have added that Maria recognized the Drifter from one of her history books that she is always reading...and that she knows that he is much older than he looks!

Overall a very solid expansion. With at least one more Hero pack revealed for future release in the Easter egg, I am hoping for a couple of Civilian packs, a second Grave Weapons box (still hoping for that dynamite wielding zombie...and perhaps a zombie Betsy as a new champion?)
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12-28-2017, 01:16 PM
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RE: Hero Pack #2 content breakdown (spoilers)
Nice to see the Froggers are waking up from their Shadows of Brimstone coma and
supporting their other Games.

Now lets get something for AToE & F&G (these are my Fan boy Games so feel free to
include your favorite FFP Game)


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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01-03-2018, 01:02 AM
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RE: Hero Pack #2 content breakdown (spoilers)
Thanks very much for posting that info. Just need to find somewhere selling it in the UK...

Doubt we'd get any more LNOE content for a while, they said they'd make a ATOE 10th anniversary edition next, and then another expansion for FANG. I'm hoping they'd at least make a character pack for IFOS, and then that could also be used in LNOE.
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01-08-2018, 04:35 PM
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RE: Hero Pack #2 content breakdown (spoilers)
Yes, those circus carnies have been overdue for some love. They have been bravely facing off the alien invasion by themselves for far too long.
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