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How do you handle deaths in Shadows of Brimstone?
05-10-2018, 01:57 AM
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How do you handle deaths in Shadows of Brimstone?
How do you handle deaths in Shadows of Brimstone?

I have played 22 adventures now and experienced 4 deaths.

The first one was not much of an issue. Near the end of an adventure a level 1 gunslinger was Ripped Apart by a strangler. The posse pooled money together to get him resurrected. His 1 max grit was very annoying until he was able to afford a cowboy hat. This was especially true because he had Cigarette, recover 1 Grit any time you draw one or more Loot or Scavenge cards. Many a grit was wasted due to already being at he maximum of 1.

The second death came when a level 3 saloon girl fell to an Indian Curse while traveling to town and she was Lost to the Darkness. This happened after switching to the expanded frontier town. Fortunately, there was a church in town and she was able to be resurrected.

This does bring up the question: What do you do about dead heroes if there is no church in town? The Church Tent only can cure Madness or Curses but can not resurrect.

The Third Death was to a Level 2 Rancher. She got caught in a Void Twister that swept away the entire town. The posse had the money but the town stay was over so the character could not resurrect until after the posse completed the next adventure. In this case we housed ruled that we can all roll for travel events and go to a different town before the next adventure. Is this a good idea to just cheating? Please provide any suggestions that we did not think about.

The forth death came to the same Saloon Girl that previously lost her mind. Now at level 4 she got corrupted by Hell Vermin and tried to grow a second Tentacle Tail causing her death. This was at the beginning of the second turn while still in the mine entrance. Luckily, this was a solo adventure but it brought up the question: What do we do if a character dies very early in the adventure? No one what to watch other people play for three hours until they can be resurrected back in town. Ironically after the Epic battle with Feral Vampires and a Vampire Lord we got a Ring of the Revenant which would animate a dead hero solving this issue.

Please provide your thoughts on how you would handle these situations.
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