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How to become a Full Member of and have access to all the downloads
05-23-2014, 07:31 PM (This post was last modified: 05-23-2014 07:36 PM by samuraitrev.)
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How to become a Full Member of and have access to all the downloads
Hello and welcome to The Zombie Game. Now if you're reading this you're probably already a big fan of Flying Frog's games. We are tooWatchmen02 This site is run on contributions only and every year we scrape enough money together to keep the site going. (Last year was a close call). Our community, which we'd like YOU to be a part of too, is friendly, helpful, creative and knowledgeable. So how do you get full access? There are 2 easy options

1) First and foremost. No money is expected or required. All we ask is you say hello on the boards introduce yourself here (if you haven't already). Post some comments on threads, maybe start a thread yourself if you like. Just make yourself at home and banter with fellow gamers and fans.


2) Donate to the site (if you can afford it). For a small donation to cover site overheads. From $10. You will get instant access to all the downloads.

As a Full Member. You will be able to enjoy all the fan made Scenarios, Characters, Tokens, Templates. There are currently 234 Downloads available at this time 23/05/2014 and the list is expanding.

When you have been a member for about a week and have got involved in some threads post here to ask for full access. The administrator known as Sarku The Invincible will add you if you've been talking to us a bit and been here for a week or roundabout.

See you on the boards and I hope you stick around and be part of this genuinely friendly community. Please post on here any questions you may have.Watchmen02
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