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Movie reviews (titles starting with V)
02-04-2017, 06:38 AM
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Movie reviews (titles starting with V)
Vacancy (2007)
4 mints on the pillow

This fast-moving thriller about a husband and wife who end up making a very bad choice for their lodging kept me interested to the end. Married couples will probably identify with the bitterly sarcastic dialogue between the couple when we first meet them. However, petty arguments are soon set aside as the realization sets in that their lives are in danger. Bonus: the beautiful Kate Beckinsale plays the wife.

The Vault of Horror (Tales from the Crypt, Part II) (1973)
3 dripping fangs

This movie is adapted from stories from pulp magazines like Tales From The Crypt. The special effects are terrible but I actually enjoyed the stories. Good old fashioned British horror.

Vengeance of the Zombies (1973)
0.5 grinning ghouls

This unintentionally funny Spanish film is about a mysterious figure who is killing young women from prominent families in England and turning them into zombies to do his bidding. The plot is confusing, the acting is mediocre to bad, the editing is choppy, and the makeup on the zombies is terrible. The soundtrack is full of bad music and irritated me throughout the movie. There are a few nice special effects in murder scenes and that is what keeps me from giving this movie a score of zero.

V/H/S (2012)
3.5 old video tapes

I was very pleasantly surprised by V/H/S, which is an anthology film featuring a number of short videos. The wrap-around story is that several young men are hired to break in to a house and steal a VHS tape. They find a number of tapes and the content is alarming. The wrap-around is not very good but the individual stories are interesting and some of them have some good scares. My favorite stories in the set are about a young couple on a vacation with strange events occurring and a group of friends trying to locate a Halloween party. With so many different plots and actors, the quality is uneven but overall I found V/H/S entertaining.

Virus Undead (2008)
1 tasty brain

I did not enjoy this German film. By the time it finally got around to the zombie action, I was very tired of the weak plot, poor acting, and awful English dubbing. Not only were the dubbed voices annoying but the English dialogue was obviously written by someone who does not generally speak English. Some of the zombie action scenes toward the end of the movie were tolerable so I bumped the rating up to 1.

Voodoo Woman (1957)
1 golden monkey

In the purpose of full disclosure, I will state that the version of this movie that I watched on cable was highly edited down from 75 minutes (per to an approximately 15 minute short film. The movie was on a subscription cable channel, though, so I don't believe it was edited for content. Assuming the footage left in was a representative sample of the rest, no extra viewing time would save this film. You should only watch Voodoo Woman if you purposefully watch bad horror movies to be amused by them. The story is silly, the acting is bad, and the appearance of the monster is comical.
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