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OD Newest New Poject
04-07-2021, 12:25 PM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2021 04:54 PM by Old Dwarf.)
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OD Newest New Poject
When I checked out GW "Cursed City" Warhammer Quest Game which is
basically a conversion of it's OoP Mordhelm Skirmish Game to a Board Game
it caught my interest as I liked the ruined city setting.However the $200+
caused sticker shock.

Mordhelm was a Table Top Skirmish Game where different Warbands had
it out Looking for Wyrdstone.It had very detailed rules & a hell of a lot of
bean counting so although I got the Warbands & the Rulebook I never
really got into the Game.Thus a streamlined Board Game version
rekindled my interest.

So I decided to convert COMON's Zombicide Black Plague to Mortdhelm.
The Game Tiles of Black Plague & Green Horn are perfect for the ruined city.
I just have to take the BP Survivors & match then up with the Mordhelm
Warbands members of similar types & work in Warpstone instead of Treasure.

Here;s my Fluff Background (it follows fairly closely to GW backstory)


The Sigmarite Empire which has stood a Thousand years is on the verge of its 2nd Millennium
collapsing into chaos & corruption.The Emperor has died with no male heir & the Church of Sigmar
leader the Grand Theogonist has declared he will study all claims to the Throne to determine the
most suitable before the Church will anoint a successor.

Thus the most powerful Counts are ambitious contenders for the Imperial Throne the Counts of Marienburg
& Avelander being the most persistent in pushing their claims.The Empire in this power void is seeing
its borders breached by raiding Orcs ,Dark Elves & other forces of Chaos,as its internal power struggles
occupy the Counts & the Church.

A ray of hope however seems to shine in the Northern County of Ostermark .The capital city of
Mordhelm the main trading center of the North lying on both sides of the river Stir & home to the
Mother Chapter House of the Holy Order of the Sisters of Sigmar.The Matriach Superior Bertha has
had a vision that the god Sigmar will return with the new Millennium to bring order & peace to
the Empire.

Soon when a 2 tailed comet is seen approaching it is taken as the return of Sigmar.Alas the
comet doesn't bring Sigmar but Sigmars wrath down upon Mordhelm.The comet destroys the
city showering it with glowing dark green shards & toxic gases.Those who are not killed outright
in the Upper City where the toxic cloud is the worst soon become mentally & in some cases physically
changed.The former mayor now sees himself as a Magister whose duty is to protect the city
& the holy shards ,he recruits the aimless survivors into his Cult of the Comet.These demented
followers oppose any incursions into their ruined city.

The Lower city home to the harbor & the Litchgate District where the main Tombs & crypts of
the ruling nobility are located.The levies are destroyed & the River Stir floods sections especially
the Litchgate District. The strange dark green shards mix with the water & seeps into the Tombs
& graves bringing the dead back to unnatural life.The bones of Mordhelm founder Prince Olaf rise
up & his burning ambition to protect this city has survived even death .He organizes the other
dead into a skeleton force & they begin an endless patrol to defend the ruins.

The Sisters of Sigmar Chapter House located high above the city perched on a great granite outcropping in
the middle of the river survived untouched.

The cities destruction brought looters looking for abandon treasures many were never heard from again
after entering the city but those came out often brought with them some of the mysterious dark green
glowing shards. Soon fantastic stories about the strange shards began to circulate,that it had healing
powers or made crops grow & they became known as Wyrdstone.These stories were widely dismissed as folktales
but then an alchemist discovered the shards could transmute base lead to gold & suddenly the powers that be
took notice.

The immense value of the Wyrdstone caused a rush of adventures & disorganized mobs of treasure seekers to flock
to Mordhelm but most were never seen again & those few who made back out of the city carried tales of insane
Cultist & mutants or even that the dead were walking.These stories dampened down the rush but the chance
for wealth was so great the Counts of Marienburg & Avelander hired hardened Mercenaries to brave
the city & find Wyrdstone to fund their efforts to obtain the Purple.The Church of Sigmar dispatched its
feared Witch Hunters ostensibly to cleanse the city of the abominations of the Cultist/Mutants & to put
the unnatural dead back to rest.The Witch Hunters were also to collect Wyrdstone for the Churches Coffers.
The Holy Order of the Sisters of Sigmar also had a mission.The Matriach Superior Bertha had another vision
that directed her to have the Order collect Wyrdstone & hide it in the deep granite vaults deep below the Chapter
House where it could no longer tempt people.

Skaven- below the streets of Mordhelm in its Sewers dwelt a colony of Clan Eshin Skaven the Comet
crashed through their warrens & few escaped. The few that did recognize the shards as Warpstone
the material the Skaven use to transmute common rats into Ratmen.The survivors hurried back to
their Clan Master with the news. Clan Eshin was involved in a struggle with the other Clans to
dominate the ruling council 13.The Eshin Clans specialized in assassinations & spying & the
Clan Master realized the benefit of a plentiful source of Warpstone that was extremely rare.
To keep it secret from the other Clans the Clan Master sent only small bands to Mordhelm to
recover the warpstone.

Sylavania's Count von Carstein is among the most powerful in the Empire
but he knows his evil reputation will never allow the Grand Theogonist
to accept him as Emperor.Thus he plots to acquire enough Wyrdstone
to to guarantee the Claimant he backs will become Emperor with
the help of his bribes.He intends to be the real power behind the Throne.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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04-08-2021, 11:21 AM (This post was last modified: 04-08-2021 11:42 AM by Old Dwarf.)
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RE: OD Newest New Poject
I think I got it all down.Mordthelm has a river running through it so I made an Upper City where the
Cult of The Comet would be the AI Zombies using Black Plague's Tiles & a Lower City where the Dead
would be the AI Zombies the Dead using Green Horde Tiles.

The Cult of The Comet(The Possessed)

-The Magister=Necromancer
-Dark Souls=Fatties

The Dead

-The Tomb Prince=Necromancer
-The Litch Priest=Necromancer
-Tomb Gds=Fatties
-The Dead=Zombies
-Runners=None just give The Dead an Extra Activation
-Banshee=Abomination (has a 0-3/1 Dice/hits on 4-6/1 Wound= range Attack-Wail)
She can be hit via Melee Weapons (cold Iron) not by Magic or Arrows/bolts

Chosen War Band Tables:

Witch Hunters(Templers)Roll d6:
1=2 Witcher Hunters & 2 War Hounds
2-4=Capt. & 3 Witch Hunters
5-6=Priest of Sigmar & 1 Flagellants & 2 Zealots
Personage Reinforcement d6: Even=Johan/Odd=Wilhelm

Holy Order of the Sisters of Sigmar Roll d6:
1-2=Sister Superior & 1 Augur & 2 Novices
3-6=Matriarch & 3 Sisters
Personage Reinforcement=High Matriarch Bertha Bestraufrung

Mercenaries MarinburgRoll d6:
1-2=1 Champion 3 Warriors
3-5=Capt.& 1 Marksman & 2 Swordsmen
6=Capt.& 2 Warriors & 1 Youngblood
Personage Reinforcement d6: Even=Johan/Odd=Wilhelm

Mercenaries Aveland d6:
Odd=1Capt. & 2 Warriors & 1 Marksman
Even=1 Champion & 2 Warriors & 1 Youngblood
Personage Reinforcement = Karl the Jagger

Skaven (Clan Eshin)Roll d6:
1-2=Skaven Sorcerer & 2 Night Runners & 1 Black Skaven
3-5=Assassin Adept & 2 Night Runners & 1 Black Skaven
6=Black Skaven & 3 Verminkin
Personage Reinforcement d6:Even =Rat Orge/Odd=Veskit

Sylavania Roll d6:
1-3=Lesser Vampire & 1 Dreg & 2 Ghouls
4-6=Necromancer & 1 Dreg & 2 Ghouls
Personage Reinforcement =Major Vampire

Personage Reinforcement Table rolld6:if 9-10 get Personage
Warband calls for:Note if Warband gets Personage then
The Cult gets 1 extra Possessed & The Undead a Litch Priest

The Warbands I matched up to the BP Survivors & changed the Treasures/obj.Points to Warpstone.
So I can run the Black Plague Missions & rules as is the only problem are the Figs which need
painting.I had previously painted up Skaven & Undead as part of WarHammer Quest but Mordhelm Warbands
were just pushed to the back of my Painting Plans.

The War bands are only 4 figures but the Possessed (Cult of the Comet) will need me to knock
out 20+ figs.Thankfully the Cultist are all dressed like the KKK but it's still a lot of
Red Robes.All the figs are from GW Heavy Metal Period & nicely detailed so it may just
prompt me to take up the brush again (as Sam refuses to help).

I'm anxious to try out a Game but somehow playing with unpainted metal figs. just won't do,
you can get away with unpainted plastic figs. but with metal no way!


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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04-10-2021, 01:46 PM
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RE: OD Newest New Poject
That sounds awesome. I just got my copy of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City today. I absolutely love it. It has 60 awesome figures in the box and I love Warhammer Quest game. I will post my thoughts on it once I play it.

I've painted everything for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and finished the campaign. I have Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhall but I haven't finished painting it all yet (I don't play a game if it's not painted up)Zombie17 This forces me to paint like a Demon and get it done.

If I lived closer mate, I'd like to play a game of your conversion. Plus I might even helped with your painting mountain of shameZombie17

I'm currently painting a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Watchtower and I intend to have a game of Dead of Winter tonight.
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04-10-2021, 03:35 PM
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Wink RE: OD Newest New Poject
"Mountain of Shame" Insane22 I deserve that but I must wait till
my creative muse hits me. Zombie19

I have WHQ1-which was a real sandbox -1 room full of orcs & next
door Skaven GW did do a couple of Themed Expansions . Aside
from the random factions you encountered & the massive amounts of
figs it could generate that spilled off the the tiles the Game itself was
a good play.

I converted it over to a LoTR theme & also when Fortune & Glory
came out I converted all the Missions to a pulp 1930's Theme.
I got some great figs. for it (there currently half way up the Mountain
of Shame)


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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