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OD in Hell
09-26-2018, 05:43 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2018 01:30 PM by Old Dwarf.)
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RE: OD in Hell
Well it's been over 8 years & I never did really get the Hell
Campaign going after a few test battles.

The problem was I based the Campaign on BattleLore
but it really could not cover the Various Armies & then
I tried a HoTT System but they all failed to really provide
the brief brutal clashes I felt would be reflected in Hell Battles.

So all the painted Armies remained in storage until inspiration
hit & I decided to have another go at it. This time I'm using
the OoP "Napoleon in Europe" Tactical Battle System &
Battle Board plus a few modification to fit the Hell Theme.

I've revised my Army Lists to reflect the NiE system &
made a few adjustments needed to change from the
individual figures used in NiE to the Regiment/Battalion
bases used for my Army Units.

I'll post up the Campaign Material & Battle Reports In the Battle Report
Forum Battle Reports.

The Campaign is called 'Unter dem Doppel Adler in Hölle"
(Under the Double Eagle in Hell)


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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