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Rumors, Personal Missions, and more
01-29-2015, 05:31 AM
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Rumors, Personal Missions, and more
I suspect most of you frequent BGG as well, but just in case it was missed, in the midst of another thread speculating on what future expansions might hold for ATOE I was inspired to take one of the posters suggestion & adapt the "Docks" & "Personal Missions" mechanics from FanG and adapt/convert them over to "Rumors" & "Personal Missions" for ATOE.

Also, this led me to look up an old thread in which a user had started to convert/adapt Arkham Horror's "Personal Story Missions" (I'll probably renam to avoid confusion with the above) over to ATOE.

He apparently didn't do more than a few, & I don't know AH, but I can get all the info I need off their wiki, so I'm going to tackle that one too.

Thread here if interested:

BGG thread here *CLICK ME*

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