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04-02-2021, 05:30 PM
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This Session Report is for my rethemed BL2 to Middle Earth.I was not terribly inspired by
FFG Terrinoth Game World & I had all the factions of GW LoTR figs painted up so I converted
it to Middle Earth @ 3000 Third Age.The BL2 Rules with a few modifications mainly to the
Unit Profiles to fit them to LoTR factions.

I didn't have enough LoTR do 3 figure Units so I themed the Game as small Patrol
skirmishes & each Unit represents 1 figure with hits accounted for by wound markers.
I added Captains/Sergeant/Heroes which can spend lore to cancel retreats.

As the Game represents short intense skirmishes Games only last 12 Turns after which
VP are tallied to determine victory. This Game is my first play through.
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Evil Scenario-Power of Infiltration-Orc of the Hand Hoerkal
Free Peoples Scenario- Sheltered Barrage-Royal Gd of Rohan

The Orcs have been raiding along the Rohan border with Enedwaith & the Rohan citizenry
are fleeing.To stop the Orcs & restore order the Royal Guard sends out a squad
to beef up the local West-mark Warriors.

1Capt.Armed with:Sw/Sh
1 Sgt.Armed with:Sw/Sh
4 Troops Armed with:Sw/Sh
4 Troops(gds) Armed with:Hvy mace/Sh
2 Tracker Troops Armed with:bows(helmet type)
Sgt.ID:Sw/no helmet
Capt ID:Sw thursting,Shield Hand Boss

Royal Guard Rohan* Command Placement
1Capt.Cav.Armed with:Sw/Sh*
1 Sgt.Cav.Armed with: Sw/Sh*
2 Troopers Cav Armed with:TSp/Sh*
1 Sgt.Warrior Armed with:Tsp/Sh-foot
3 Warriors of Rohan Armed with Sw/sh-foot
2 Scout Warriors armed with bow-foot
Sgt.Cav.ID:small sunburst Gold/Silver shield
Sgt.Warrior-Throwing Spear
Capt ID:large sunburst All Gold shield
* Are the Royal Gd. all other Troops are Warriors of Rohan

The Rohan Patrol notices a band of Orcs moving toward a couple of isolated farm Houses and move to engage.
The Royal Gd. Capt.orders the 3 Infantrymen on the Right to Attack the lone Inf.Orc .One Warrior moves
to engage the Orc & wounds it but the orc forces him to retreat.

The Orcs advance in a Wedge on the Left attacking a Rohan Warrior wounding him as he retreats. In the
Center the Orc Sgt. moves & occupies one of the Farm Houses while another Orc gd. moves & attacks a Royal Gd
Trooper.The Trooper is severely wounded but manages to wound his attacker.On the Right a Orc Gd. moves &
fights a Rohan Warrior & forces him to retreat.

The Royal Gd.Troopers Battle March into the Orc Center killing the wounded Orc.The weakened Trooper withdraws
to safety.

The Orcs Onslaught on their Right with 2 Orc gds forcing a Roan Warrior to retreat.In the Center the Orc Capt.
comes down on a Royal Gd.trooper who takes a wound but fends off further damage like a Steel Wall.

The Rohan Forces Counter Attack on their Right pressing an attack on the wounded Orc.The Orc takes another wound
& although weakened manages to wound his attacker.

The Orc Capt.moves in the center & engages a Royal Gd trooper & wounds him.The Trooper counter attack is ineffective.
The 2 Orc gd.Echelon Right close in on a Rohan Warrior & Scout.The Warrior is wounded & retreats the Scout is severely
wounded and weakened his arrow misses .

The Rohan Sgt. & Warrior do their own Echelon Right one attacks & kills the wounded orc whose plundered.In the Center
a Roya Gd.Trooper attacks the Orc Capt.& wounds him.

The 2 Orcs gds.Patrol Right The wounded Rohan warrior is hit again but defends like a Wall of steel .The Scout
isn't as lucky & is taken out.

The Warriors of Rohan attempt to squeeze the Orcs on the Flanks,on their Right a Warrior moves to the Ford
on the Isen River followed by his sgt. On the Left the seriously wounded Warrior moves toward the Royal Gd
Trooper & the Scout takes to the highground & shoots at the Orc Captain but misses.

The Orcs mass for a Center Attack, 2 Orcs attack the wounded Royal Gd. Trooper forcing him to retreat &
on their Left an Orc Tracker shoots & wounds the Rohan Warrior at the Ford the arrow inflicting a poison.

The Rohan own Center Attack sees the Royal Gd. Capt. wounding the Orc Capt. & the Royal Gd.Sgt. finishing
him .The Royal Gd.Trooper attacks the Orc gd.& severely wounds him.

The Orcs maddened by the loss of their leader Attack on their Right. An Orc gd. moves in & kills the Rohan Scout.
Another Orc gd in a Frenzied attack on the wounded Warrior inflicts another wound but his wild attack leaves
him open & the now severely wounded gives the Orc a wound before retreating.

The Royal Gd.Capt. sensing that the fight is coming down to the struggle in the Center orders his troopers
to attack.The Royal Gd Sgt.attacks the severely wounded Orc & supported by the equally severely Trooper
& the Orc goes down.The Capt.attacks the Orc gd wounding him.The other severely wounded Trooper moves to
secure the other farm house.

The Orc Trackers respond by Darkening the Skies with their arrows,on their Left the Warrior on the Ford
is hit again & the poison of the arrows begin to weaken him as he retreats.The other Tracker shoots at the
Royal Gd.Capt.Closely missing & causing the retreat.

The Royal Gd.Capt. wants an Echelon Left to take pressure off his Center but realizes that the Orcs have rolled
up his left Flank.Instead he dismounts & attacks the Orc the Farm house killing him before he can

The Orcs now Battle March for the kill.The Orc gd attacks the severely wounded Royal Gd.Trooper killing him.
The Orc Tracker shoots at Royal Gd.sgt.but misses.

The Rohan forces Assault across the Lines. The Royal Gd.Sgt.attacks Orc but the Orc hold him off.On the Right
a wounded Warrior heads for the nearest Farm House.

The desperate Orcs clash Steel an Orc attacks the Royal Gd. Captain but has no effect as is the Capt.counter attack.
A Orc attacks the Royal Gd.Sgt.severely wounded him.The Sgt.counters & inflicts a wound.

The Royal Gd.Sgt. now tries a Desperate Ploy he moves to the nearest Farm House & dismounts.The Severely wounded
trooper moves up the right Flank to link up with a Warrior.

The Orcs lacking leadership try their own Desperate Ploy One charges toward the Farmhouse to get at the Royal Gd.Capt.
but Capt. issues a loud Battle Cry causing the Orc to back off. An Orc gd moves to the Farm House the Royal Gd.Sgt
is in & attacks forcing the Sgt.out of his shelter.The Orc advances but the Sgts. Counter attack severely wounds
the Orc gd & he retreats out of the Farm House.

The Rohan Forces now depend on their Battle Lore training.The Royal Gd.Sgt moves back into the Farm House & with a
wounded Warrior's support catches the Orc gd in the yard & kills him.The Warrior Sgt.moves to cover the wounded Royal

The Orc Patrol now disorganized nevertheless try to Patrol Center. The Orc who let the Royal Gd.Battle Cry disrupt
him now in a fury attacks the Capt. again storming the Farm House.The severely wounded finally cut down.
An Orc tracker who was ready to aim for the Captain returns his arrow to his quiver.

The Royal Gd. now seeing he is in command realizes the Orcs are too disorganized to continue to be a treat to
the West Mark & orders a withdraw.

The Orcs scattered with their leadership gone have no stomach to continue the fight & retreat toward Isengard.

Final Battle Results:Rohan-6VP/Orcs-3VP-Rohan wins a Major Victory although tainted by the loss of their Capt.

A Good Test of my Conversion system which only tinkers around the Unit Profiles a bit to fit (IMO) the LoTR
Forces.The Rohan Warriors-use Citadel Lancers Profile but don't get any of their Abilities.The Royal Gd.
used River Watch Cav. as is & the Rohan Scouts used Yeomen Archers but no double shot.The Orcs used Blood Harvester
& Viper Legion Archers as is. The term Severely Wounded is used for the BL2 "Weak"
* Command Placement means these figs must be Mustered in the same Board Section.


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