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The 1st Supremacy War
05-08-2019, 10:11 AM (This post was last modified: 05-08-2019 10:16 AM by Old Dwarf.)
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The 1st Supremacy War
The Galaxy Burns

The First Salvo-N.E. Quadrant(1)

The uneasy coexistence of the Commonwealth and it's breakaway Confederation Sectors
finally came to a head in GSD 2113.3-2 when a Commonwealth Patrol Task Force Ataturk from Agora
came into contact with Confederation Patrol Task Force Andrea Doria from Outland Gamma in the
Great Rift Sector .The Sector was unclaimed as it was mostly an asteroid belt It was however situated
between Commonwealth & Confederation Controlled Sectors so both sides patrolled the Rift.

Both Task Force Commanders were aggressive and refused to give way and at some point in the verbal
dispute shots were fired and both Task Forces engaged in battle.

Forces involved OoB:

Commonwealth TF-Rear Admiral Marrku


Confederation TF Andrea Doria- Rear Admiral Johnson

CV F Andrea Doria
CF BS-20
CF CR-16


The Great Rift Sector

GSD 2113.3-2/15>6+1

Bridge: Commonwealth Command Ship Ataturk-Rear Admiral Maarku TF Commander

Captain this farce has gone on long enough I will not sit here for a Quadrimestre and dispute the right way with those damned Rebels
over this forsaken piece of space.Break contact go to Red Alert and power weapons we'll show them the Commonwealth means business!
Yes Sir Admiral ! Lieutenant inform the Task Force .

Bridge:Confederation Command Vessel Andrea Doria-Rear Admiral Johnson TF Commander

Admiral the Commonwealth Task Force is preparing to attack they have activated their weapons.....I can see that Captain if they think they
can intimidate us we'll give them our own intimidation .Order Red Alert and order BS Flotilla Sigma to close up on the Andrea Doria and tell
Cruiser Foltilla Sigma to advance and engage enemy fighters at range.

So it begins:

The Confederation Center goes into action as the BS Flotilla Sigma1 shifts Eastward to join the Andera Dora and DS Flotilla Sigma1
moves into range and fires on the Commonwealth Fighter Squadron Gamma but to no effect(Star). The Commonwealth responds with an assault
on the Confederations Right. Fighters & cruisers move toward the enemy and a Destroyer Squadron attack damages a Confederation Destroyer Flotilla
which gamely battles back to no effect. Cruisers from both sides clash but achieve no results.

GSD 2113.3-2/15>6+2

Admiral Johnson issues orders for his Right Wing to attack a Cruiser Flotilla engages a Commonwealth Destroyer squadron doing major damage but
the Destroyers engineers are able to cancel the Red Alert and battle back and inflicting major damage(+1star) on the Confederation Cruiser. Admiral
Maarku presses his attack from his Right Wing again the Cruisers clash but fail to damage each other (both sides get stars). Commonwealth Fighters &
a Battleship Squadron move toward the enemy.

GSD 2113.3-2/15>6+3

The Confederation Fleet now Lights up the Starts with an all front attacks: on the Left their Cruiser Squadron does minor damage to a Commonwealth
Cruiser which battles back with no success. In the Center a Destroyer Squadron engages an enemy Fighter Flotilla without success (gain 1 star) and on
the Left Confederation Fighters attack a Commonwealth Cruiser but inflict no damage. The Commonwealth responds by closing at light Speed on the
Confederations Left wing sending a Battleship,Cruiser and Fighter Flotillas into the enemy ships line.

GSD 2113.3-2/15>6+4

Responding to the Commonwealth challenge to its Left Wing the Confederation shifts ships from its Center to Assault the enemy fighters .A Battleship
Flotilla moves and fires on the enemy fighters and a Destroyer Squadron warps into close combat with the same fighters. The Commonwealth Fighter
Flotilla staggers under the attacks taking major damage (gain 1 star).The Commonwealth keeps pressure on the Confederation Left Ordering Fighters
including the damaged Flotilla into close combat against the enemy Destroyer Squadron . In addition Admiral Maarku Orders a Destroyer Flotilla
into close combat to support the Fighters against the Confederations Destroyer Squadron. The Fighters manage to damage the Destroyers and the
Destroyer Flotilla also scores a hit but receives damage as the Confederation Destroyers battle back.(+2 Stars)

GSD 2113.3-2/15>7+1

The Confederation hits back with its own Fighters(Move Combat Move) targeting the damage Commonwealth Fighter Flotilla a Fighter Squad
attack but fail to harm the enemy fighter Flotilla. A 2nd Fighter Squad zeroes in on the damaged Commonwealth Destroyer Flotilla this time
taking out the enemy ships (+3 VP). Admiral Maarku is undaunted by the loss (I'm in Command) Ordering attacks on both his Right & Left Wings.
On the Left a Cruiser Flotilla takes out a damaged Confederation Squadron (+3VP) and on the Right the Commonwealth Battle Ships & Cruiser
Flotilla attacks bring down anther Confederation Cruiser Squadron (+3VP)

GSD 2113.3-2/15>7+2

Admiral Johnson now Advance (s) Right Wing A Fighter Squadron attacks an enemy Cruiser Flotilla doing minor damage but the Cruisers battle back
doing major damage to the Fighters knocking out the weapons system on the remaining Fighter which skillfully retreated through an asteroid system .
The Commonwealth concentrated its efforts on the retreating Fighter on its Left Wing. A Cruiser Flotilla targeted the Fighter but was unable to
do any damage(+2Stars) then the Ataturk made its presence know opening up and blowing the Fighter to bits(+1VP +1star).

GSD 2113.3-2/15>7+3

Admiral Johnson ordered a Counterattack on his Right Wing but quickly countermanded the order realizing that he had only a weakened Destroyer
Squadron there & if it should be destroyed the Confederation entire Right Wing would be opened. Admiral Muaaku quickly seized the opening
and ordered Strike Ships to an all out attack. On the Right A Commonwealth Destroyer & Cruiser Flotillas both attack a Confederation Destroyer
Squadron doing minor damage but managing to scramble the Destroyers shields systems sending them into a full retreat(2 red Alerts) but a Cruiser
Flotilla on a enemy Destroyer Squadron on the Left Wing is not effective.

GSD 2113.3-2/15>7+4

The Confederation Fleet tries desperately to restore balance to the battle attacks in the Center of the battleline. The Confederation Battleship Squadron
moves on the Commonwealths Battleship Flotilla and attacks but fail to damage the enemy.The Commonwealth Battleships battle back doing minor
damage but causing major disruptions to the Confederation ships navigation systems forcing their retreat from the battle (2 Red Alerts-Board edge
+2 hits + 1 from combat =3-Battleships destroyed =6VP + 7previous VPs=13 VP= Commonwealth Victory 13 to 4 VPs).

Admiral Johnson now left with only 2 damaged Destroyer & 2 Fighter Squadron Orders the Andrea Doria & his remaining Squadrons to retreat
the opening salvo belongs to the Commonwealth.


This my first Game of Red Alert -Richards Borg's latest C&C series. It's the C&C system in space using lots (and I mean Lots) of cool plastic space ships.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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