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The Hero Pack 2
09-14-2012, 01:05 AM
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The Hero Pack 2
The Box came today so here are the Goodies;

Rules Booklet (just a Fold over really)

-Profiles of the 4 Heroes & the Reaper Villain

-New Rules-just a clarfication of what to do if
a Hero has has his/her Ally card drawn.

-F&Q-7 Ouestions/Answers that just deals with HP2 material.

New Cards-

3 Event:1 Ritual of Protection,2 Shocking Discovery
( all helpful)

3 Mystery:1 It's Getting Dark,2 Lighting,
(both dangerous & move the Shadow Track along)

1 Manor-The Witching Hour-Good if you make the Combat
Test-Gain Investigation.Bad if you don't- wounds & random move)

1-Windmill-Wooden Chest-Helpful lets you carry extra Items

1-Abandoned Keep-The Cold Terror-mean Minion!

1-The Olde Woods-Forest of Death-Good if you make Spirit Test,Gain
Investigation.Bad if Fail Roll on Minion Table

Also got extra Promo Card Forest of Death with diffrent Picture.

4 New Heroes

Frederick Leon,Foregin Diplomat-Cunning is best feature,
can buy Events,buy 1 Milita Marker in any Town Space,
Never needs to reveal Elder Secrets

Abigail Sturn,Student of The Occult-Cunning best feature
& can use it instead of Combat in a Fight.Gains extra
Cunning for having books & extra Health for Occult Items

Jack Fellows,Privateer (Minority Hero)-Best in Honor but
also Good in all other Stats.Can 1 per Fight reroll his
missed hit rolls.

Sara,The Bright Witch-Best in Spirit & Honor & low
Cunning.Auto Gain of Investigation each Turn Or
Showdown Fight Rounds but looses Investigation
when Shadow Track moves closer to darkness.Can
pay to get chance to Heal wounds.May not use Guns
& gains bonus when fighting any Magik,Demon or
construct enemy.

The Villain-The Reaper-Villain,Demon,Souless.
Has some nasty Abilities which allow him
to score 2 wounds or force Hero to roll to
avoid wounds

1 Minion Card for The Reaper-Have 2 Events
one can cause loss of Investigation & one a Reaper
Attack.1 Minion Attack(Grim Spectre)

The Figures-usual AToE Standards & The box is
great each fig has its own pod & everything else fits nicely.

So worth the Price,well for me it is,the Heroes have
some new abilities & The Villain should prove a dangerous
opponent which are the real additions to AToE.

The Cards are basically more of the Same but the Mystery Cards
do add a bit more in making things difficult by moving the
Shadow track.


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09-14-2012, 11:40 AM
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RE: The Hero Pack 2
Very nice, and once again very nice with additions to the old decks! Im really looking forward to the arrival of my set... Oh well, thank you OD.

Is there any of the old heroes that seem obsolete or outdated to you?

And how do you like the new cards that have a punishment for failing the roll, instead of the old cards that just rewarded you? IMO I find that the game was much improved by something wicked, and it seems they are continuing this trend with The Coast and HP2...


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09-14-2012, 03:08 PM
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RE: The Hero Pack 2
Man this game keeps growing bigger and bigger. So now there is a villain? Sounds cool does this up the amount of players that can play? or is it still just 2-6?

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09-14-2012, 05:32 PM
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RE: The Hero Pack 2
I haven't got the new stuff to the Table yet,but I do like
the harsher Cards.I don't feel that the new Heroes
make the old outdated,although they have some
interesting abilities that I'll be anxious to see in a Game.

I think a Game with all the New Heroes might be a
bit much for balance but they will do nicely pared
with the old ones.Note I don't have The Coast Yet
so I'll have to see where those Heroes fall.

AtoE has many Villains HP2 just gives the Game another one,
the # of Heroes playable doesn't change.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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