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The History of Woodinvale
02-05-2011, 01:22 AM (This post was last modified: 10-18-2013 06:39 PM by samuraitrev.)
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The History of Woodinvale
Thanks to theconcerned for giving me the idea to do this articleWatchmen02
I have combed through the information I have and found a few facts and have made a few surmises. These quotes are from the
Last Night on Earth rulebook page 21
Growing Hunger rulebook page 10
Hero Pack One page 2.
Timber Peak page 25
Unique Items cards.
A point of interest is that the word zombie isn't used in the character's biographies but discribed as 'event, town's past, avoided topic, memories' See what you think...
edit. It is refered to as 'undead nightmare' for the 1st time in Timber Peak.

Sheriff Jack Anderson
Born/From Woodinvale
Is 'haunted by his memories of the past...he is one of only a handful of people who knows the dark history of the area' and he is hoping the horror will not return 'again'. There is also a history between him and Jake Cartwright. He ' remembers [him] from his youth, and hoped never to see again' Jake is obviously under suspision as the cause of the zombie outbreak, at least in Sheriff Anderson's eyes. Sheriff Anderson is the one who contacted Rachelle Winters. His wife has 'died eight years ago' The unique card reads 'Four generations of Andersons have lived in this town...and all have seen zombies. I would suggest that there have been more than the two known zombie outbreaks in the town's past.
'With the loss of his son Billy'.(TP) Not explicitly dead...

Billy Anderson
Born/From Woodinvale
His 'girlfriend in the bleachers, [is] Sally.' Son of Sheriff Anderson
He's hinted at being dead but unconfirmed. In the Sheriff's write up it says 'With the loss of his son Billy'.(TP)

Johnny Miller
Born/From Woodinvale.
'held back a year by Principal Gomez'

Father Joseph McGuinness
Born/From? Not Woodinvale because he is unaware of it's past.
He has been in Woodinvale 'more than twenty-five years' and 'was never told of the town's past' This indicates that the last 'event' was over 25 years ago. Terminal with throat cancer? Card reads '...fatal. The patient has not yet been informed'. Then there's a picture of Father Joseph with his head position exactly the same as the x-ray. Also the neck on the x-ray is all black. I'm not a medical guy but I think the shadowing effect is signs of cancer. Is he an everyday priest? On the All Hallows Eve II scenario he makes ritual circles and makes incantations using powerful artifacts. I suspect he performed the exorcism of Janice Blaine. The tape is dated 18th of the February 1985 and look there a stained glass window in the background!! I suspect Father Joseph was sent to Woodinvale originally 25 years ago to perform the exorcism. From unique item card his bible is written in latin reads 'Illumina oculos meos ne umquam obdormiam in morte..' Translated (took me ages) 'Give light to mine eyes lest I ever sleep in death.' (psalm 12:b). From a game point view it can be constructed as 'Give me the light (or power) to never die. Yes, yes I'm the daddy at finding this kind of stuff!! '...there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and the unjust' (Acts 24:15) from the 'Risen from the Grave' zombie card.

Rebecca King
Born/From possibly Brideston as she thinks of Woodinvale as 'small, secluded'. Which implies she is from somewhere large and Busy.
Woodinvale Location 'Widowcrest Asylum' The Hospital she works at is called Widowcrest Hospital.

Born/From Woodinvale
'step-brother Jeb' the grease monkey
potential character her 'deadbeat, alcholic step-father' like Billy her mother has died. Sally's mother's name is listed in Widowcrest Asylum Roster. Even though she's meant to be dead. Are the screams from the asylum actually zombies? Further more is Sally's mother a zombie. This would explain her being dead and listed in the asylum. You heard it here first if I'm right! The more prosic explanation would be she went insane and it was hushed up due to shame, but I'm going with my zombie theory. Too young to remember her mother and her 'death'. No photos exist either. All she has to remember her by is a pendant.
She now knows 'the dark truth about her mother'. (TP)

Jenny Sty
Born/From Farm at Woodinvale.
'has never understood her father's gentle but sad demeanor' Does Farmer Sty remember 'the event'? She has a male horse called T.J.

Jake Cartwright
Born/From Unknown...
'This is not the first time Jake Cartwright has passed through Woodinvale. He brings with him memories of the past and a dread omen for the future' Is Jake Psychic? doubtful. Does he in fact have knowledge of the cause of the 'event' is he strange at all? It is quite possible that Jake is the only one who is not afraid to tell the truth let's not forget only a handful of people do remember and they're not telling. So the town see him as strange because the majority of them have no knowlege of the hushed 'event' so like all civilized people who mock what they don't understand he is therefore labelled strange...
'Jake's road has brought him to Timber Peak once again'.
'it was little more than a simple logging camp. Those had been dark days.'
He's been to Timber Peak before so I would say it's pretty certain he led Sally and the Sheriff there. His quote on his TP Character card says 'I learned long ago, you can't save everyone.' I would say this refers to a previous Zombie encounter or perhaps a military history.

Born/From possibly Brideston because Woodinvale is described as 'backwoods'. He also wants 'escape the hustle of modern life'. Another implication he is from a city.

Rachelle Winters
Born/From Brideston
Location ' ...from the neighboring city of Brideston'
after an escaped convict. '...a two year manhunt'. This has to be Victor.

'Daughter of one of the wealthiest families in town' just as a possible scenario idea maybe Amanda's house is the Manor house...

Born/From Woodinvale. The supermarket is called Fine Food Products.

Born/From Brideston
Rachelle arrived to take him back to Brideston.
'Picked up by the local police' This has to be Sheriff Anderson and Deputy Taylor. On Rachelle's profile it reads 'After recieving a call from the local sheriff'

Born/From possibly Brideston because Woodinvale is described as 'small town' Implying she is from a city.
'army brat' Is she Sam's daughter? Scateboard reads 'The future is coming'

Born/From Almost certainly Brideston
'...job at the city newspaper' I'm guessing this has to be Brideston again the only city mentioned in the game. Now here's my thoughts. We have Rachelle, Victor, Stacy from the city. There's probably others. Could FFP be thinking of making a city supplement? Maybe one of the survivors will take the infection back to Brideston then things will really kick off bigtime for the Z's. Remember you heard it here first folks if I'm right!

Mr. Goddard
Born/From Woodinvale.
Attended Woodinvale highschool as a child. Victim of bullies like Kenny.

Coach Packer and 'T-Bone' Packer father and son? I'm guessing likely.

Doc Brody
The date of the last zombie outbreak.
In his Memoirs he wrote 'Sept. 4th, 1956 - the day that everything changed...' There is also a newspaper Woodinvale Times which reads 'Dead Rise From The Grave' dated Septembe 'r 5th 1956' I tried scanning the card to get a better look at the writing and taking a photo with a decent 10 megapixel camera on super macro setting. But I'm still unable to make out the writing on the card. I think in the top right the paper reads Colnwale survey. Is Colnwale another location? The start of the article tantalisingly reads 'One man...' On the page behind the paper I think there's a faint name written. It looks like S Pinks in grey. If any of you have methods to make out more of this paper let me know.

Janice Blaine
The card mentions this woman had an exorcism performed. We have here the first instance of possession mentioned. Woodinvale also has people being demonically possessed as well as zombie outbreaks. My guess is Woodinvale is built on some whacky site such as an Indian burial ground and the area has some sort of curse.

From the zombie card 'Uuuurrrggghh!' It reads 'That's not Tom anymore' I wonder who Tom was?[/i]

Works for the Ranger Service. Lived in Timber Peak for the last 5 years. Learning to fly at an early age. One of the only licensed pilots in the area (does this imply there's others?)

'Still in High School', 'her father died years ago', 'older brother Jon' '...her father's saw mill'.
How did her father die? Did this happen in the dark days metioned with Jake?

Ed Baker
He 'lost his best friend Jon in a recent accident'. Who's fault was it? 'spends much his time..visiting Alice'. Love interest?
Military on his Character card. I would like more info on this...

We've Got To Go Back scenario
Locations 'military base Fort Baxter' and 'Ancor Chemical Plant'
Potential character 'scientist named Dr. Seavers'
Potential cause of outbreak 'Just prior to the Zombie infestation, he [Dr. Seavers] was about to begin work on an experiment with two hazardous biochemicals' Sounds a bit like Umbrella from Resident Evil. Is it possible that Dr. Seavers caused the outbreak and wants to cover his tracks by removing the evidence. Is it a coincidance that the doctor is safe in a military base... possible links there because, and this is a hunch, but maybe military tests have been done at Fort Baxter for years using chemicals which caused the previous outbreak. Is Jake Cartwright actually military? that would explain why he seems to know so much...

I realise that a lot of this is conjecture but I have enjoyed putting this together I will be adding to this page as I get more expansions to the game.

Disclaimer: I do realise that the events are purely fictitious...or were they.. Don't lock me up in Widowcrest AsylumZombie20

As always dear friends comments welcomeWatchmen02
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02-05-2011, 02:23 AM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
Very nice!

"From the shards of tattered dreams, I rose - unwilling... Tossed upon tides of pain that flowed and ebbed and left me searingly awake. And more revoltingly - alive..."
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02-05-2011, 01:40 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
When I have a moment or hundred, i will start cross-referencing this with ATOE.

"The eternal struggle takes time, Max."
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02-05-2011, 07:19 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
(02-05-2011 01:40 PM)Pfr_Fate Wrote:  When I have a moment or hundred, i will start cross-referencing this with ATOE.

I'd be interested to see that Fate. How would you rate ATOE compared to LNOE? I've never played it...
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02-05-2011, 07:32 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
Cool stuff indeed. Just remember that it's all just 'flavour' for the game, and probably doesn't all fit together 100%, nor should it, since depending on the scenario the zeds rise for different reasons and the results are different.
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02-05-2011, 07:46 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
(02-05-2011 07:32 PM)robottroubles Wrote:  Cool stuff indeed. Just remember that it's all just 'flavour' for the game, and probably doesn't all fit together 100%, nor should it, since depending on the scenario the zeds rise for different reasons and the results are different.

Agreed, just cool to find out little bits of background and develop ideas for possible scenarios. Maybe one in Fort Baxter or the Asylum...
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02-06-2011, 06:45 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
I seem to recall that Sally's mother isn't actually dead, but is in the asylum, according to the Survival of the Fittest expansion. I'll see if I can find the specific information for you.

My group LOVES the story aspect of all Flying Frog's games. Delving into the story enhances our enjoyment of the game, and we narrate the tales as we go, making sense of the story as we go.

As for how AToE compares to LNOE, I'll say that the style of play is very different. No one plays the monster in AToE; everyone plays the heroes trying to destroy it. It allows for a fully-cooperative game (which my group tends to love, which is also why CoPE has also become very popular very quickly around here). In style, it's similar to a stripped-down Arkham Horror.
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02-07-2011, 07:33 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
I have often wondered what the strange past is myself. Good work sir
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02-11-2011, 12:13 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
(02-05-2011 01:40 PM)Pfr_Fate Wrote:  When I have a moment or hundred, i will start cross-referencing this with ATOE.

I wanna see this too, Fate. I love the ATOE stories.

Samurai, touch of evil is about trying to build up your characters to be strong enough to challenge one ultimate monster. There are minions along the way to deal with, and each villian has a different set of minions and rules that make the game play differently against them. I think we enjoy it more than LNOE right now, but we go back and forth alot. The co-op makes it fun.
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02-12-2011, 03:12 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2011 03:17 PM by Cimex188.)
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
I just opened (for the first time) the survival of the fittest expansion and glanced through the cards, on the "Unique Items" cards at the bottom there's some more information about the History of Woodinvale.

Doc Brody's Memoirs: - "Sept. 4th, 1965 - the day that everything changed..."
Now this is intressting, that must mean that the zombie apocalypse started on that date?

Old Newspaper: - "The article talks about an epidemic at Widowcrest Hospital.. in 1956."
Hmm so did the apocalypse start at the hospital? what happened, one might wonder.

Book of Family History: - "Four generations of Andersons have lived in this town... and all have seen Zombies."
Okey, we now know the Andersons have lived in Woodinvale for atleast 4 generations.

Audio Cassette: - "This recording bears witness to the exorcism of Janice Blaine."
Hmm again, who is she? Why did they perform an exorcism? Was she possessed? When was this? Recently or way back? but it can not be so far back in time..
Sure the recording technology was invented in 1963 (reel-to-reel tape's)
But the cassette on the picture is newer than that, and it has its glory days around 1975-1995, so the exorcism must have taken place around that time..?

Asylum Inmate Roster: - "Here it is Sally.. in the roster, that's not possible, my Mother's dead."
Huh? Is Sally's mom really dead? Or is she just locked away in a insane asylum?

When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.
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