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The History of Woodinvale
02-25-2012, 12:16 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
The lore of LNOE is one of my favorite aspects of the game. It is precise enough to create a grand, overarching narrative, but flexible enough to work your own details into every game. One of the most enjoyable ways to play as Heroes is to have the Sheriff, Rachelle, Victor, and Stacy on a team. I imagine the zombies showing up as Victor is being turned over from Sheriff Anderson to Detective Winters, with Stacy jotting down notes and taking pictures. Quite a tense setup!

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse please do the following:
1. Grab a buddy
2. Grab guns
3. Start shooting
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10-29-2012, 01:14 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
To include facts and theories from Timber Peak see 1st post
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06-02-2016, 01:32 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2016 03:35 AM by August700212.)
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
Assuming events of this game take place in the mid 1980's . . .

Sheriff Anderson "knows the dark history of the area" and Jake Cartwright "is a sight Sheriff Anderson remembers from his youth, and hoped never to see again."

Jake Cartwright "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time. . ."

Both Sheriff Anderson and Jake Cartwright were in Woodinvale on September 4th, 1956. Sheriff Anderson was a youth maybe Billy's age or younger. Jake Cartwright looked as he does now in the 1980's.

From the Asylum Inmate Roster record we can assume that Jake knew Sally's mother and what happened to her.

"It's happing. they're coming...again."
"I learned long ago, you can't save everyone."

Now lets go back to the early late 1700's.

Argot Black "As a young boy in distant Europe, his family was massacred by werewolves. Only he was saved by the intervention of a valiant hunter, a drifter tracking the beasts through the mountains and dispatching the entire pack single-handed. Swearing his life to vengeance upon all foul creatures of the night, Argot honed his skills over 40 years, learning everything about the dark monsters of the world...and how to kill them."

then in the early 1800's . . .
Heinrich Cartwright, the Drifter "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time" . . . "Heinrich has seen more than his share of death, and the unspeakable horrors that haunt this world. Seen them... and defeated them."

Heinrich is "The Drifter" that saved Argot and over 40 years later appears to be the same age as Argot.

"Some mysteries aren't meant to be solved." so we will never know for sure.

Heinrich also appears to knows about Liliana's, Lost Soul, past from A Painful Truth. "I'm sorry."

"Though youthful, Liliana is an old soul who was changed forever when her entire village was wiped out by a vicious creature. Swearing an oath of vengeance, she now travels the countryside, hunting (or is haunting) that very villain that savaged everything she once held dear. Her singular focus on revenge has given her strength over the years to press on. . ."

We better not forget about Alexander Cartwright, Reclusive Novelist, who settled in Rio DeJaneiro in the 1930's.

"Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, Alexander Cartwright hoped to stay out of trouble for a while, secluded in the foothills of South America to quietly write about his adventures. But as the growing showdown of the Nazis falls across the world, and onto his very doorstep, it has become clear that he can no longer just sit by idle. Trouble, it seems, always has a way of finding him, and he has never been the kind of man to stay in one place for too long."

"I've seen things you wouldn't believe."

Coincidences? I do not think so.
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06-02-2016, 11:50 AM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
The Truth is out there.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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11-30-2017, 04:04 PM (This post was last modified: 11-30-2017 04:13 PM by Pfr_Fate.)
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
Thread necromancy! Ok. It's allowed. Zombies.

Going over LNOE theme info to paint the new characters from LNOE10 and HP 2, I got jazzed up again with the history.

First some notes on the thread itself:
- it's strongly hinted that Cartwright is somehow immortal. Resurrection or immortality, I don't know. But the guy has been around for quite some time. Changes the first name.

Next, there is a Necromancer in ATOE.

Finally, I'd love to write up a WOODINVALE GAZZETEER like I did for ATOE. I think there is one little trick that is LNOE, however: a vague explanation of zombie outbreak. Is it a meteor, a necromancy, Project Osiris, a Martian thing, etc.? I plan to walk the line. For example, a meteor from the Martian area or falling man-made satellite could have supplied a radiation that interacted with ambient chemicals spilled from a nearby military experiment (PROJECT OSIRIS) involving a little arcane lore supplied by a mysterious organization called the Crimson Hand. The year is 1956. One of the first 'victims' might have been considered insane and still not a zombie (zombies? Lol!) The doctors and mental health specialists do their thing in Widowcrest under secrecy imposed by the military. An 'outbreak' occurs, similar to ones from the past that inspired Project Osiris. Survivors include resident doctor Brody, a teenage Farmboy and his local 10 year old friend, and a drifter. It gets put down and covered up. Widowcrest has a few new patients.

Years later (1959), a religious family member of a patient secretly tries to conduct a exorcism. A priest gets called in for an exorcism (and gets throat cancer from the radiation). Things don't end well. Widowcrest gains more patients, but no outbreak occurs. The priest moves to Woodinval the next year, still thinking it's a demonic thing (a Crimson Hand thing to guard against?).
1960s, 70s early 80s: Over the past few years, the military base at Fort Baxter is closed after another unfortunate incident involving a local mother and the project is handed over to Ancor Chemicals as a military contractor under a Dr. Seavers. The incident. Things have been kept quiet since, disregarding two recent attempts by Crimson Hand operatives (or unwitting associates) to stir up trouble on a few Halloweens and a recent radioactive meteor strike partly reacting to the ambient chemicals in the woods between Woodinvale and Timber Peaks (see report of Special Agent Carter).
1985: the dead rise. Why? Well, a local reporter might find the answer. But no matter what, this time it's out of control. Fort Baxter resources are long gone.

So, today I will start designing a historical scenario.

It involves Doc Brody as a new resident, teenage Farmer Sty, ten year old Anderson and Cartwright as he is currently.
The mission is to keep the zombies from breaking out of Widowcrest.

"The eternal struggle takes time, Max."
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11-30-2017, 04:35 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
Don't forget that Woodinvale is a location in Conquest of Planet Earth, too. Watchmen02
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11-30-2017, 06:24 PM
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RE: The History of Woodinvale
I love this background stuff it helps Game immersion .


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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