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Variant - Showdown Event Table
01-31-2018, 10:01 PM
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Variant - Showdown Event Table
Hey, all. In order to bring even more color and dynamics to the Showdown, try this revision of the Showdown Table.

SHOWDOWN EVENT CHART – roll 2d6* at the start of each Showdown Round. Each result may occur only ONCE per Showdown, and when the dice presents a repeated result, change that result to ‘No Added Effect’. Feel free to embellish the story aspect details of the rolled event!!

*: Note: the 2d6 roll will produce rare results, figuring that Showdowns don't really last very long. If you want these events to occur much more in every Showdown, each round roll 1d6 for 3+, if successful then roll 1d6 and use the numbers in parenthesis, treating repeated results as a 'Reroll'.

2d6 (1d6) Event
2 (1) Daring Confrontation The Villain maneuvers the Heroes into a dangerous ethical dilemma of some type or tries to corrupt the Heroes. Choose one Hero present to immediately make an Honor 6+ test. If failed, every Hero present must take 1 Wound or the Showdown is canceled.
3 (2) Chase The Villain flees! By carriage, foot, across the rooftops, on the castle walls or whatever, the chase is on! Draw a new Lair Card and move the Showdown to this new location. Any Heroes that want to continue fighting must immediately pay the cost of the new Lair Card and move to that space on the board. Any who do not or cannot pay are left behind. You must now use the special ability of the new Lair Card.
4 (3) A Cunning Challenge The Villain tricks or traps the Heroes! Heroes must use their Cunning to fight this round. Cunning and ‘Fight Dice’ bonuses apply.
5-9 No Added Effect
10 (4) Supernatural Force The Villain threatens your very soul! Heroes must use their Spirit to fight this round. Spirit and ‘Fight Dice’ bonuses apply.
11 (5) Cat and Mouse The battle calms, with no combat this round, becoming a hunt. Every present active Hero immediately MAY heal 1 Wound and any KO’d Heroes MAY return with one Wound healed. Also, in Cooperative play, any Hero that has not joined the Showdown MAY do now join the Showdown. However...for each Hero electing to do such actions, roll 1d6 for the Villain. For every 3 to 5 rolled, heal 1 Wound. For every 6 rolled, the Villain heals 2 Wounds. If all dice rolled come up as a 6, then the Showdown ends immediately.
12 (6) Sweeping Strike The Villain strikes indirectly at the Heroes! Each Hero present must immediately discard one Item or Ally of their choice.


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