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Villains and Collapsing Temples
05-19-2016, 02:47 AM
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Villains and Collapsing Temples
Page 21 states:

If a Villain is in a Space with a Temple when it Collapses they do not get to make an Escape Test like a Hero would. Instead the Villain simply takes D6 Hits and is removed from the board as normal.

Why do they take D6 hits?

My first thought is that they would keep the wounds and it returned to the board have that much damage already on them.

Is this how it works for competitive and team games when not playing against vile organizations? When playing against a Vile Organization, page 25 states:

Anytime a Villain figure is removed from the board, they are fully Healed. If they are an Active Villain, the figure goes Back to Base and is placed back on their Villain card.
If the Villain was removed because they took Wound markers equal to or greater than their Wounds value, the Villain becomes KO'd.
. . .
If the Villain was removed because a Hero recovered the Artifact (or because they were at a Temple that Collapsed), they return to Base in a Delayed state lying down.

Can anyone explain how these rules work together? Does it matter if the villain is used for advanced rules or while using vile organization rules?

Does this explanation make sense to anyone?
-Advanced villain rules the D6 hits does not matter but it is stated under temple collapse to be used with the vile organizations rules because any time a villain returns to the board they will be fully healed.
-When using the vile organization rules, the villain in a temple that collapses will that D6 wounds. If the villains wounds is equal or greater than their wound capacity, they are KO'd and if they are an active villain, they will be placed lying down on their card with the card turned face down in the KO'd state (fully healed). If their wounds are less then their capacity, the villain will return to their base fully healed laying down on their card in the Delayed state.
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05-19-2016, 03:32 AM
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RE: Villains and Collapsing Temples
We have rarely played this game in co-op mode. Usually it's competitive. But I can try to get a look at the rules and at least form an opinion.

Sssshhhh...I thought I heard a feetstep...
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05-19-2016, 02:08 PM
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RE: Villains and Collapsing Temples
I always waffle back and forth between discard and keep. Both have pros and cons... My last game, I kept them. Cinematic reason? They lost the treasure to the bomb-throwing Nazis, and the temple collapsed, and they got out... But the whatever's still chasing them.
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