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World Zombination - Zombie game for Smart Phones
07-17-2015, 08:57 PM
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World Zombination - Zombie game for Smart Phones
Has anybody else ever played World Zombination? It is a game for Smart Phones. You can play either as zombies or survivors (and can even switch back and forth). You can earn different type of "units" over time, which are basically different special kinds of zombies with different powers/abilities (or in the case of survivors, different weapons/special abilities). Then, you just unleash your zombie team to kill survivors, or vice versa. As you go along in a round, you can unleash more special units every so often to aid you in the fight.

Not only that, but you can level up your units as you go along so they become even stronger.

The game has a campaign mode, but also several other fun modes. You can even join a "guild" (both on the zombie and survivor side) that allows you to borrow units from your team as well as go on raids (guild missions) to earn more goodies.

I am practically addicted. I love this game. Thus far, I've only been playing as zombies, but will eventually try out survivors as well.

The game even gets updated fairly regularly. Just yesterday, they added a bunch of brand new units you can earn. I must highly recommend this game if you have not tried it.
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