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You Know It's Gonna Be Bad When...
06-17-2018, 03:38 PM
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You Know It's Gonna Be Bad When...
So I played a solitaire game of LNOE this morning. Did "Defend the Manor House", and I ended up with Jenny, Sheriff Anderson, Billy, and Father Joseph as my heroes. And thanks to some luck, everybody ended up with weapons thanks to the free card drawn at the start of the game for this scenario. Fire Axe, Dynamite, Baseball Bat, Revolver. So I'm thinking that, right away, things are going to be good.


I spawn 8 zombies to start, set the sun tracker on 17, and draw cards. I pull a pair of "My God, They've Taken The..." and proceed to roll both the High School and the Police Station. Sheriff Anderson is ok as there's only 1 free space, but Billy is hosed. Poor kid dies on the first Zombie turn as he is surrounded and only has a baseball bat. 3 zombies pounce on him during their move, and he goes down with naught but a whimper.

It didn't get much better from there. I ran out of zombies after the second zombie turn, I think only 3 total zombies got killed during the 6 turns the game lasted. I got 10 zombies into the manor house on turn 6, and the heroes couldn't wipe any of them out. But at least no other heroes technically died, even though they lost the game.
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