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Zombicide: Black Plague
01-29-2016, 07:31 PM
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RE: Zombicide: Black Plague
Oh, I was rolling one die per attempt to open the door..... because the only item I had that could also open doors gave me one die. >:-(

Would have loved to have a better item that could open doors and gave me more dice.... but multiple searches has yielded me crap. Matter of fact, that was actually one of the reasons I was trying to open a door. I wanted to get into the vault to get one of the special weapons. ...So of course, the door eventually got open and somebody ELSE got the weapon. Lovely.

Like I said, that was one of those games that made me contemplate never wanting to play that game again. And... like I've said, as much as I LOVE Zombicide, that just happens WAY too often with that game. That's why, though I love both, Zombicide will always be vastly inferior in my eyes to Last Night On Earth. Sure, you get those occasional really God awfully bad plays now and then with LNOE (as you would with any game) but it isn't like it is practically expected every other game. I've found that to be pretty rare with LNOE. Usually, even when the game goes poorly for one side, it does so in a way that is still fun. Zombicide.... yeah, not so much.
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03-15-2016, 11:30 PM
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RE: Zombicide: Black Plague
OD caves Zombie12

OK I just pulled the trigger on Zombicide Black Plague.
I've been checking this out since I realized it was a stand

I let Zombicide go as mentioned the Game was fun but I
hated the Board Tiles & it just never grabbed me enough to
really get into it.

ZBP however really pushes all my buttons the Board Tiles are
great and the Dark Age Fantasy Setting is just me.

ZBP is set in the Earth's European Dark Ages but includes Elves & Dwarves so it's background is stretched to include these Fey Races
in an historic setting( Zombies & Necromancers already strain the suspension of disbelief but their doable ).Orcs are even mentioned
via an Orc Bow weapon.

However all the races plus the Dark Age setting really fall into place if there placed in the world of Midnight. A world were evil
has conquered & a few survivors struggle to stay alive & resist.
Midnight is a FFG OoP RP Game and also was covered in the
2nd Expansion of Runebound 2ed.

The following is my conversion fluff ZBP follows all of it's
regular rules basically some names are just changed.

Cambrial once a major city in Southerland Erenland was seduced by the Sunulael a former Chief Acolyte of the Sorshel now rules
the city as a Night King and Chief Legate of the fallen God Izrador Shadow Faith. The Armies of Izador spared no life in taking
Cambrial leaving Sunulael and his followers a city of corpses & blood.

The new Night King fortified a section of the City to house his followers and slaves leaving most of the city to the Fell, the rising dead
suffering the Veil of Izrador *. The hungry dead made the city so dangerous even the Orcs who made up the bulk of the Shadow Army
retreated to the outskirts rather than plunder. Thus Cambrial remains a treasure house of goods, weapons and even scarce magic lore
from the deserted School of Wizardry.

The Legates control the Fell through Necromancy and send them forth to reinforce the Shadow Armies attacking the Elves of Erethor
Forest and the Dwarf Holds in the Kaladran Mts. The only regions of Aryth still holding out against the Shadow now that humanity
has been crushed.

Human resistance is however not dead groups of survivors still lurk Erenland aided by passive subversion of the enslaved human
populace and free outlaw bands . Unplundered Cambrial with it's streets and armories filled with discarded weapons and it's untouched
graineries is a prize to tempt the free forces to dare slipping by the Orc Garrison forces & the shambling Fell of the city. A few brave
survivors are also still are to be found in the city itself dedicated to revenge by sabatoge and killing the hated Fell and their Legate

* Veil of Izrador- When the Evil God Izrador was defeated and his essence were banished to Aryth it broke the connection been the Gods
and Aryth. Izrador was sealed out of the heavens but the Gods were sealed out of Aryth. Thus the souls of the dead were blocked from
ascension to the celestial kingdoms. Thus the souls returned to their bodies and the dark influence of Izrador caused them to rise up
with a terrible taste for flesh. The Necromancy of the Legates of the Shadow Faith allows them to control & direct these doomed

The following Terms are adjusted from BP to the Cambrial Setting:

Walker Zombie= Fell
Runner Zombie= Ungral
Fatty Zombie=Faengral


Ann-Sarcosan Nun Sister of Sorshel, Dal Colia Order formerly of the Badura (Temple) of Cambrial

Nelly- Dorn originally a servant in the household of the Wizard Baldric now a battle hardened warrior

Silas-Snow Elf Warrior sent by Witch Queen to spy on the Shadow forces in Cambrial

Clovis-Dorn from House Sedrig in White Cliff Merchant trapped in Cambrial when the city fell.

Samson-Dwarf of Clan Kurgan mercenary trapped in Cambrial when city fell.

Baldric-Sarcosan Wizard former instructor at Cambrials School of Wizdary.


Dorn-human from Northern Erenland
Snow Elf-Elf from the Veradeen Northernmost forest of Erethor the elite of Elven warriors
Sarcosan-human from Southern Erenland

Timeframe (for Session Reports) -each game turn represents 15 minutes.

Session Report Time Early Morning, Mid Morning, Late Morning, Early Afternoon, Mid Afternoon,
Late Afternoon.

Days are numbered up to 26 for each month thus the Game starts on Shareel 1,1YS

The basic Midnight Calendar is used for months
The Years are expressed as YS (Year of the Shadow) the Game starts at Year 1 SY

Of course now I have a few expansions to buy when there released
so CMoN has hooked me.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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04-28-2016, 04:30 PM
Post: #13
RE: Zombicide: Black Plague
Well the Abyss beckons , Wulfsburg the ZBP expansion on it's way to me & I've
checked off around 8 other expansions that I want to get. Lucky that the other
stuff release date are spread out over the next 5 months.

The Game had a ton of KS Exclusives (which alas are not available at Retail) but
also a lot of Special Designer Survivor boxes that will be Retail but not all of them
really fit into my concept of the Game World. There are 3 I'm interested in mainly
as they provide extra Necromancers. There are also 4 other expansions that
provide extra Zombies types or additional Heroes so my Gaming Funds are committed
for the next several months.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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11-03-2016, 07:04 PM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2016 07:13 PM by Old Dwarf.)
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RE: Zombicide: Black Plague
Well, ZBP has slapped my wallet around as I had to go retail but I did get some great
bargains at ebay which helped get the cost down.

I just ordered the last of the stuff I need for my BP Project (the Crowz box & the Paint set)
so I now have the Base BP Game, Wulfsburg, NPC 1 & 2, Deadeye walkers, Hero Box 1,
Special Guests: Carl Critchlow, Marc Simonetti , Stephan Kopinski, Naiade, Paul Bonner,
Individuals-Morgan, Evil Troy, James, Queen Medea, Piper,Storm Crow.

BP still has a ton of other stuff but as I'm doing this for the "Midnight" Setting the other
stuff doesn't really fit.

The next step is painting, so I'll be occupied.


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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05-12-2017, 09:55 PM
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RE: Zombicide: Black Plague
I finished all the painting a couple of months ago. Now CMoN is launching
another KS in the BP world " Green Horde" Basically Zombie Orcs instead
of Zombie humans.

Probably won't spring for this based on the limited info given out so far but
I'll check it out.

I did just get regular Zombicide Companion Dogs for my BP Game the figs
& stats are compatible & the Rules I just did some a few changes to fit
them into the BP setting


"Sleep well,and stay where I put you"
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