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Zombicide Green Horde
01-03-2018, 05:04 PM
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Zombicide Green Horde
Last May I posted this under the Zombicide Black
Plague Thread.

"I finished all the painting a couple of months ago. Now CMoN is launching
another KS in the BP world " Green Horde" Basically Zombie Orcs instead
of Zombie humans."

"Probably won't spring for this based on the limited info given out so far but
I'll check it out."

BUT Now Insane20Insane20

Damn I did it again . I bypassed Zombicide Green
Horde KS as it just seemed so close to Black Plague
it wasn't worth it. It does have a cool Expansion boxe
that would work well in Black Plague & Massive
Darkness (Wraiths & rats swarms).It was an addon
and at $50 I figured I could get it cheaper at Retail.
I did arrange for someone on BGG to piggy back
Conversion Cards so I could use the Expansion figs
with Massive Darkness.

Now I again find myself in the position of having a
reason to pick up Green Horde. I was checking out
a Midnight RPG Fan Site and came across a Campaign
set in a Swamp that featured Dire Gators which
reminded me of the Reptisaurians Box Expansion of
Massive Darkness.

So this set me thinking Green Horde is set in what
appears to be a ruined village in a swamp so the
Setting would work. I then went back to MD-Star &
Shadow Source Book and found the Eren Fen a
Swamp protected by some crazed magic user.

I instantly thought of MD Witch fig Myriam as the
ideal crazed leader of the Swamp beings and the
Swamp's outcast Mutants as the Reptisaurians & the
Ratling Expansions of MD.

This led to working up some Fluff on the Eren Fen
and some conversion homebrew rules to make the
Tiles work as an MD Game.

Short story- went to ebay & bought the Reptile
Expansion and the Myriam fig. I also need to pick
up the Ratling Expansion and of course buy the
Green Horde Game when it hits retail plus a couple of
the Exclusive figs from ebay.

Considering the KS was $120 I'll break even
as the Game will discount retail in the $80 range
but the Extras will make up the difference if not
a bit more.


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