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Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

I've been a member on the site for a while (early 2009!!) but not posted until now. It's generally how I am with any Forum...ok, maybe not THIS long!

I have all available gear for both LNOE and ATOE (both retail and web). LNOE is my favourite and ATOE is my partner's favourite, as she views it "different" in the way the co-op mechanic is in relation to games. We're mid-30's and have similar gaming tastes.

Generally were once very sporadic players of both games, but found a married couple not so far from us who also indulge in both LNOE & ATOE. As such we have a gaming night once a month where multiple scenarios are played... and also include the obligatory munchies and alcohol. Sometimes I wish it were more frequent, but real life often takes precedence. Plus I guess monthly, one also doesn't have TOO much of a good thing, and we look forward to the monthly shindigs.

I was a D&D role player back in the 1980's in high school extending into the 90's. Gave that away when D&D evolved into something of a mess. Nowadays, it's LNOE/ATOE, a couple of publications from Fantasy Flight, and some Dungeoneer card games. I'm also an occasional wargamer (me only... not the girl) with some mates from work.

Look to post some LNOE reports at some point, as well as post a little more on the Forums in general. Sorry to ramble on.

Finally... this is one damn great site!!Insane21
Hello there. I'm glad you've decided to make yourself known. It doesn't sound like you've had a chance to pick up IFOS yet?
Pleased to meet ya, Forest! And yes, this place is pretty damn cool!
Welcome to this damn great site!!! Glad you finally said hi!
Better late than neverInsane02 Welcome aboard...well
you were already here..ok Welcome officially here.

Many thanks for the welcome, guys... the official welcome that is!! Watchmen02

I'll post a LNOE Plague Carriers session report shortly.
Hello known-stranger,
a warm welcome to you who has been a year orso longer on this site than me.
Nice pic welcome aboard
Nice to see a fellow Sydneysider around. I currently hail from the leafy suburb of Balmain.

(11-13-2010 02:05 PM)ForestRunner Wrote: [ -> ]Greetings from Sydney, Australia.
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