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1) No spammers and no spam bots. I'll delete them as soon as I discover them. Sometimes it might take a little while, but I'll do it. I'm just crazy enough to do it. Ask my mom.

2) Don't hate the players. Hate the game. Be nice to each other. There doesn't seem to be a problem with that whatsoever. So this shouldn't be a big deal. There is no Fight Club.

3) To become a member and gain download access, you have to request it from me in the MORGUE section. You will get download access if you've been a contributing part of I do this only because I want to promote a community of gamers and I REALLY hate the freeloading. There is also a DONATE button up top. You can also become a MEMBER by donating $10 to the cause. That's a way to expedite the process.

4) I, Sarku, am the Admin. I have 5 Super Moderators. They are my Goon Squad.

They are:
  • Old Dwarf - He is a wise, grizzled man. A great gamer and he loves A Touch of Evil. He's comfortable in his shoes, but his shoes aren't comfortable.
  • zombie67 - This brute comes to us from England. He's a one-man wrecking crew. Bent on destruction, world-domination and getting his college degree.
  • supervike - A fair-skinned, red-haired Norseman hailing from the great state of Iowa. He loves potatoes and he's a fantastic miniature painter.
  • mqstout - Pittsburgh's gift to Gaming. He's also an encyclopedia of gaming knowledge and different forms of mid-western ninja quilting. He also loves Barry Manilow music.
  • Gothic Incarnation †The Legendary Hunter† - (Retired) TZG man in the Old South.He also sleeps with the light on.
  • Samuraitrev-A painted Brit-TZG Painting Guru & Session Report poster a man of all seasons(if you leave out Fall,Spring & Summer)

5) What I say (or my Goon Squad says) goes.

Enjoy. Well I say enjoy.


(12-17-2010 02:44 AM)Sarku Wrote: [ -> ]3) It takes 11 posts to gain download access. I do this only because I want to promote a community of gamers and I hate the freeloading.

Might I make a suggestion to this one? No random cheap posting just to reach the Download limit. On many other boards with such a restriction, you see people just posting the Word "Welcome" over and over again to Intro posts, some over a year old, just to reach the post limit for downloading or what not. Or other inane comments on other posts, like "Cool" or "I like this" and some of them have absolutely nothing to do with the original or subsequent posts.

I think we had one here a few days ago, posted 5 things (MOST boards have a 5 post limit before allowing Downloads or whatever), seemingly at random, and the one to mine asking if anyone else lived in my little corner of the world that seemed like it didn't really relate to what I asked...

I know I'm new and all, but I have admin'd, moderated, global/super moderated, and otherwise staffed on more forums than I can count anymore in the past. And noted that this was a large issue before. So new or not, I thought I'd make the suggestion anyway. Watchmen02

Feel free to ignore me. LOL
Cheers for the suggestion. Between us we try to monitor all posts made and will warn and even ban people for such things
I am in the process of buying some Barry Manilow music such that I can learn to love it.
I also understand Old Dwarf likes pina coladas and walks in the rain.
(12-17-2010 02:41 PM)mqstout Wrote: [ -> ]I am in the process of buying some Barry Manilow music such that I can learn to love it.

This is the most disturbing post EVER.


(12-17-2010 05:17 PM)gavindowning Wrote: [ -> ]I also understand Old Dwarf likes pina coladas and walks in the rain.

One needs to keep in touch with ones feminine side



I think it is sad that it had to come to this... But I totally agree with the new Download rule. Maybe it will cut down on the crap BS posts just to leach our stuff and take off. So sad... BUT I fully agree and support this new rule.
Ya, at first I thought the "11 posts" rule made sense. It worked in my case. I would have never participated at all if I wasn't forced to by the Mighty Sarku. He really does know what is best for us...

But lately (after the release of D's fire expansion), the 11 post rule kinda backfired. There were 216 new posts when I looked today, and many were just "LOL totally Dude!" on 6 month old threads. Maybe this new rule will be better.

Maybe we could have an official thread section, like the introductions, where people make their request publicly, to the entire community, as part of the acceptance proccess. The responses may be fun to watch.
I have been a member (although not contributing to forums, but also not downloading files) for a litle while now. I was initially drawn to the gallery images. I saw an image of a 3D LNOE game and fell in love. It is unfortunate that the site has been forced to set rules, but it is inevitable that people will take advantage if rules are not set in place. I , myself, will gladly post to forums in an effort to gain access to custom scenarios, and it builds the sense of community (albeit online) that I can enjoy with my fellow zed lovers.
Thanks for the kind words ce.jryan. It is unfortunate that I had to make such rules. But as it is, I'm just one person with a limited bank roll. If I have a ton of people that aren't using the boards for what they were intended and just destroying my monthly bandwidth allotment, I'm going to have to make changes. Sorry for any problems this may create.
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