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Hey there!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone! I've had the game and the growing hunger expansion for a few months and only have played it twice Insane19 Kinda sucks but i hope to meet other players on here and finally be able to get abit more games in and learn more about this awesome game!
Hi Voorhees and welcome to the site!
I'm having a game tomorrow night it's gonna be a bloodbath!! I really enjoy playing the brain munching maggot sacks. There's loads of players on here. Hope you find a gaming group in your area.Watchmen02


Welcome Aboard! Hope you enjoy your stay here and have a great time.

I am in a similar boat, though I have plenty of people TO play I can't seem to find a time everyone CAN play at ... and that is providing IF I can convince them to play at all... They are all RPG'ers, and D&D'ers to boot. Hard lot to convince.
Thanks for the warm welcome Zombie17 Are there any Canadian Players out there? Looking around the Ontario Region!
Hey Voorhees, Welcome to the Flesh Fest

you know, besides Mr Onearm and my wife, I dont know anyone that plays this game... I wish I knew how I could find a gaming group.
Greeting Voorhees. Welcome. Are you related to the Crystal Lake Voorhees ? They are such a lovely family.
Welcome aboard Voorhees.Crzy_Canuck just joined from the Great North but he didn't give a location &
it's a big country.

hello, always good to meet another zombie fan.
Ummm... he's been here since February? Weirdos.

Good to meet everyone, I was starting to worry that everyone was munched on by the dead!

Pred: Where in Canada are you from?? Maybe we could set something up?

P Jon: Bored and Raised on the shores of the Crystal Lake Zombie17 Uncle Jason taught me everything i know!

Old Drawf: Thanks for the welcome and I will try and get in touch with Crzy_Canuck

Abomination: Hey there Zombie17 thanks for the welcome

Sarku: Was joining in Feb a bad month? I tired to keep up to the rest of the group Insane19
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