Full Version: New zombie here!
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Hey there, was recommended the game Last Night on Earth by my brother so I went out and bought it and it's now my favorite game I've ever played. Can't stop playing it with friends.Zombie17
Wecome to TZG,glad your getting the full Zombie game experience.

Greetings Dryvid glad you are loving LNoE it's one of my favorite games too. Along with Hero Quest and Space Hulk (Never get tired of playing them!)
Now you can experience the second most awesome thing about LNOE... these forums! Welcome to the hoard. Insane02

...also, Hero Quest Forever!
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this game one night when I was killing time in a comic book store. My wife was constantly handing me my butt playing brain games like Scrabble. I'm useless w/o spell check, so this gives me a chance...not a big chance, but more than Scrabble. Welcome!
gotta love calling up some friends hanging out and killing some zombies or on the flip side eating some brains.
Welcome Aboard...your English phasing is interesting ,where are you from?

Greeting and Welcome Alden. Stay a while and enjoy some rotting flesh Zombie13
Welcome to the pit! Zombie13
I'm new too and just started with the game but I was wondering if any of you live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and wanting to set up some zombie killin' fun? I know there's a game shop that meets Tuesdays for any board game, but I'm kinda addicted to LNOE right now...
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