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Hey guys. Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm really into Gothic horror and Halloween, not so much for the scares, but the themes. I'm into anything related to Halloween, Vampires, Zombies, Pumpkins, Scarecrows, or Werewolves, etc.

I also really like games like Touch of Evil, Castlevania, Vampire the Masquerade, and Medievil and movies like Van Helsing and yes, even Casper lol. I'm currently writing a "halloweeny" novel akin to Percy Jackson and those kinds, involving classic monsters and world ghost myths.

Anyway, Just wanted to let you know a little about me and I hope to get to know you guys too! Watchmen02
Welcome to TZG-your interest fit well & you like AToE (always a plus)

Hi Golin, and Welcome to the kewlest Zombie site around. Enjoy some rotten flesh and stay a while
welcome gholin, there's some tasting eyeballs over
there on the table, and brain dip by the blood fall
fountain, please help yourself.
Welcome gholin!!!
Hi Gholin, welcome to the forum!
Greetings Gholin

You're the kind of ghoul we like around here. Stick around I'm sure you'll find plenty of creepy stuffZombie13
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