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Hi all, I am a boardgamer from sydney, long time member of Sutekh. I was introduced to LNOE a few months back at one of the regular friday night Pizza and Games event.

I like all sorts of boardgames, I also read comics and listen to audio books.
In my spare time I am an unemployed software engineer.

Bummer on the unemployment, but I guess that makes more room in
your schedule for Zombies! Welcome to the site.
Welcome to! Come for the brains, stay for the conversation.
Fresh Meat...Welcome aboard.

Greetings and Welcome.
Hey there,
I'm also new to the community here and have been playing Last Night on Earth for a couple months now. I'm having a blast and look forward to getting new expansions. I've been told to start with Growing Hunger and then Survival of the Fittest. I really enjoy looking at custom-made scenarios people are making. I'll probably end up making one too sometime. Likely after I get Growing Hunger. Cool Site!
Greetings to you both we have victims for you to feed upon.
Zombies to hunt and slay we cater for all here!
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