Full Version: Atraangelis, hello all...
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Hello community,
I just got into LNOE and fell in love...

Best game i have played in some time. I usualy play tabletop miniatures but am taking a break from GW's plastic crack...

Hopefully i can find some ideas for more scenarios and terrain building ideas here.
Welcome, there should definitely be some scenario ideas around.
Do you have a preference re playing Zombie or playing Hero?
Hello there, I am a new player of this wonderful game myself, I also recently joined the board too, hope you enjoy yourself here, everyone is really friendly although they keep moaning something about brains and won't stop following me around.
Welcome to TZG....I'm sure you'll like the LNoE.So who did you fall in Love with?

@ zinthos
I enjoy both they play very different so the adds a lot of variety in it for me.

@Old Dwarf... LOL.. actually all of them they each play different, but i think i am partial to Detective Winters.
Greeting and Welcome. Beware, the Rotten Bodies have Braaaaiiins.
Hey there, Atraangelis. You are into GW games, huh? Do you paint your minis at all? I love seeing pics of how other peoples LNOE minis turn out. I started painting mine because of others on this site, and I am happy I did. It looks so cool on the board when everyone is all painted up.

Hello, Yes i have 3 armies for 40k painted,
I plan on painting the LNOE minis but not until i get another set of base heroes and zombies.
Like i did for my WOTC:DnD (Ravenloft, Ashardalon and Drizzt) games, I like to have one set original and one set that I can work on, I'm a little picky when it comes to my board games, I like them to remain as Out of Box as possible.

As for GW, Im trying to break the GW crack cycle and branch out into other games, They have just become way to expensive...

Here's an example of my Dark angels army for 40k,.. an entire company of marines and transports.
[Image: 40k001.jpg]
That's an impressive collection. I haven't done anything like that. I never got into miniatures or painting, but after LNoE I'm going to try my hand at painting those.
Yeah, I love this game. At first I felt like it's a bit unbalanced towards zombies, but once I got more strategy and planning with the heroes I realized it is more even. I'd say 55/45 zombies. Also the first few times I played we were doing the zombie hunger rule wrong. According to Jason Hill, the zombie hunger doesn't mean zombies can get an "extra" move space, it just determines that they can't choose to go elsewhere when starting their move phase in a space adjacent to a hero.
That said, I think playing as the Heroes is most fun.
Hey Atraangelis, welcome to the board.
So tell us...what lured you towards this deathstench infested hole on the net?
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