Full Version: Brazilian players says hello!
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Hello all.

I am Tiago, a Brazilian Last Night on Earth new player.

I liked this game very much. Really liked. I am here to share my experience with this game too.

Sorry for my english.

Thank you very much.
Welcome to the forums! Whats your favorite scenario to go through?
Welcome tiagodevidy, hope you have a great time playing the
game, after all, O que não mata engorda.
Welcome to TZG! I envy you just starting Summer.

Thank you for the welcome.

@Phantoninja My favorite scenario is Escape for the truck. =)

@Pred Are you Brazilian too?

@Old Dwarf Well... Even in winter seems summer in a good part of Brazil. =)
A big welcome from Belgium right here!
Hi tiagodeividy. Greetings and Welcome. Its good to know Zombies are every Where Watchmen02
@ tiagodeividy

Nope not Brazilian, from Alabama, US
Greetings tiagodeividy from all the rotting dead of England. Your English is very goodWatchmen02
Thank you very much.

I will test a scenario created by me today. If works, I will post it here.
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