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Hey all, never thought I'd be a board game person but ended up with a copy of LNOE and have really gotten into it. Just checking this place out to see what's going on in the LNOE community.
Hello Derek,

I think that LNoE has swayed a lot of non-boardgamers to the dark side. Everyone has grown up playing the sameold games but there are so many better games then Monopoly.

Yup, LNOE got me back into gaming after years away, when my wife got it for her birthday and we bothed loved it. Welcome to TZG. Lots of brain munchin' is whats going on here. Zombie16 Zombie15
Welcome to TZG

Greetings Derek it's always good to have new visitors. It's like Hotel California here 'You can check in anytime you want but you can never leave...' Zombie13
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