Full Version: Hello from Canada
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I have been previously lurking around this website for a long time now and have finally decided to join. I really take pleasure in reading about all those different topics on this website :).

I am a 20 years old male from Canada although not originally born there. I'm originally from Denmark. I moved to Canada with my family in 2005 and have lived there since that time. Canada is a superb place and I loved from the very first time I visited.

I'm hoping to meet new people on this website and also contribute to the discussions on this site which I think I should be able to. So all in all great to meet you guys! :)
Welcome to TZG,lookimg forward to your contributions.

I love it when a lurker turns to the dark side and joins the site. Welcome to TZG.
Hi and welcome to the board.
Damn...Canada, i would love to go there one day. Heard good things about the awesome nature there. I've been to Denmark though Zombie03
Welcome to TZG, There seem to be more of us Canadian here every day now.

Greetings unRencind hope you like dead stuff otherwise you're on the wrong site! Well I suppose we have a corner for the breathers too, but our time will come...
greetings unRencind. From Canada myself. :-)
Hello, and welcome to the boards.
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