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Hey everyone,
Played LNoE for the first time over Christmas and decided I had to get the game. My wife bought the game as my early bday gift 2 weeks ago and since then have played at least 1 game a day, sometimes 2 or 3 in a row!

Now that we've played all the scenarios multiple times (at least from the base game) I'm hoping to get some of the expansions soon.
Hello, nice to see another new member in the forums!
Hey jordo. Welcome to the site. Play this game often with the wifey myself. Ain't it cool to have a wife that'll game it up with you?
Welcome to TZG...sounds like your ready for Growing Hunger,

Thanks for the warm welcomes :-) Yes, I'm hoping to pick up the expansions soon. I've been poking around the forums and can see how much fun the other characters and items/events are. Color me green ;-)
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