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Hi everyone,
I'm 19 and attending college in Massachusetts.I've been a zombie fanatic most of my nerdy life. I read zombie themed books, watch zombie movies...etc. Unfortunately 99% of the zombie books, movies, and games crap.
If you play airsoft, you might have seen me on some Forums. I've recently dropped off the radar due to some conflicts with people I used to be friends with but that's a story for another day.
So um yeah I'm really bad at introductions so um yeah. If you have any questions feel free to ask ^_^
welcome! I'm a new member to this forum too but have found it to be very friendly.
Welcome IR to TZG..........say your school isn't Miskatonic University is it?

No, Wheaton College (not the religious one XD).
Hi Instant Replay. You will find plenty of Zombies here.

Greeting and Welcome to the stench Watchmen02
Welcome to the illest zombie site since Racoon City. You get to play LNOE much, or are you busy with studies?
Welcome to zombieworld Watchmen02
I can't say that I have seen you on the airsoft boards. I've been playing for over 11 years now Zombie03
But then, I'm in Belgium do there is no use for me to be on the US airsoft boards right? Watchmen02

Enjoy your stay here.
Emp... airsoft is a game with no borders...

Sigh... Insane19
Oh and welcome.
(01-26-2012 07:49 PM)Sarku Wrote: [ -> ]Emp... airsoft is a game with no borders...

Sigh... Insane19

I know I know oh great one. Don't be sad.

Airsoft is crazy enough as it is here in Belgium (and i do not me crazy in a good way) so I have to keep me eyes open on the belgian airsoft boards Watchmen02
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