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Hi,....Steve(aka Emp), You are really scary man. I live in Westlock but for years I owned a restaurant in Yellownife. Nettie's Pryogy House.My daughter i n law Debbie is teaching me about this web stuff because they bought me a computer for Christmas. She is a fan of this place I guess so she set me up here so I can learn more about the web and edmonton. Allthough I did live in edmonton for years in pmqs, 125 street and the house she lives in now.
zombie67 Wrote:Nice to have you back here Steve.

Have you got L4D2 yet? We must get you on for a game soon!

No I haven't bought it, I must say that I was very dissapointed in the first L4D game. I had such high hopes for it but that run&gun type of gaming just is not for me.
Maybe I will pick it up cheap someday but I sure as hell will not buy it up afor 70€ Zombie17

Thanks guys!
I ordered some new missions for LNOE last week so I hope they get here soon.
Still wearing my shirt George! My tattoo-artist was nuts about the design Zombie03
Not into Run 'n gun, huh? L4D2 probably isn't your deal either, in that case. Of course, if you have a PS2, I've gotta recommend Resident Evil Outbreak...however, I have a sneaking suspicion you've already played it. Zombie03
Yes I did play it Watchmen02
I got Resident Evil 5 on my Xbox360 so that keeps me satisfied for the time being.
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