Full Version: The custom fig search thread
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So, after spending time hunting myself, I decided to create this thread. This thread is specifically designed for people to find a specific mini based off a pic or theme. In this thread, post a picture of yourself, a character you've made, etc. Then people should go around and hunt through the interwebs and see if we could get a mini for those projects and post there. Either show pics or go into as close of detail as possible so we can really narrow down.

IE: "Hey all, looking for an alien style fig with perhaps his brain showing"

We could in turn post

The more people that post links to figs, the better the variety to choose from and more projects that can be spurred. Tons of heroes I've never made real, because of no accompanying fig.
Great idea for a Thread. I will support this wholeheartedly it could be a great way to find figures!
I'll start it off so it gets the ball rolling

Male, young, say 30. Modern LNoE (IE: Gun, but not lasers) hero, shoulder length hair pulled back, with a long trenchcoat/robe is close, but let's see what other figs that are similar are out there.
I hope you don't mind me moving this into the minis area -- but I'll pin it up to there.
While I don't really mind, I feel like some of the other boards get over looked. ;p
If you didn't mind a bald head (or could add a bit of green stuff to create hair), how about one of Heresy Miniatures trench coat gangers:
Looking for a figure of Elvira. You know, the horror hostess...

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Little looking around and this is the nearest I can find though it is in 25mm:
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