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I just got both Last Night on Earth and A Touch of Evil and all the add ons(awesome presents,plus some I bought myself)...they look great and like lots of fun. So far we,ve only played LNoE once,but we all enjoyed it. When I get around to painting all the minis i'll post pics.
Welcome aboard :)Crack open AToE,you'll be glad you

Welcome EA
Welcome and enjoy.
Old Dwarf Wrote:Welcome aboard :)Crack open AToE,you'll be glad you


Totally agreed.

In fact, after playing with Something Wicked added in this weekend, I turned another one of my friends from a "Last Night on Earth" guy to an "A Touch of Evil" guy.
Welcome to the fora!!!

What they said... have fun and welcome!
Welcome! I'm another who actually prefers ToE to LNoE, so I think you'll be pleased.

That said, this is a zombie board, so I'll be along shortly to eat your brains.

Again, welcome!
Be careful eh there a couple dudes around here that will bite once you turn around...
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