Full Version: Hello from Albuquerque
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Hello all, I am new to LNoE. I play tons of boardgames, miniature games, and rpgs. LNoE looks great, just haven't gotten to play it yet. Definately looking for some fan items. I was wondering has anyone made hero sheets for the adventurer miniatures from hasslefree miniatures. I have a few I would love to use at a later date.

Welcome aboard-now go bring LNoE to the tableWatchmen02
I don't think anyone has made hero sheets but
we do have some talented people here.
(alas I'm not one of them)

Hi welcome its a great bunch of people in here. And please go play LNoE now.
Welcome to the party!!!
Welcome Salcor!
Welcome Salcor and as nobody has done it yet, I'll have to do my favourite Bugs Bunny line:

[Image: LeftTurn.jpg]

"I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!"
Well I have officially played two games of LNOE, the first game the zombies won hands down. Second game we the friendly zombies were slaughters. So two shotguns in the discard with all 4 heros standing in the gun store SUCKS!!!!!!. It was still fun though. Definately have to keep the heroes seperated. Plus having 4 individual heroes instead of two people playing two heroes each is better (ah party conflict 8-)

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