Full Version: Plague carriers
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I just got GH expansion. I have already painted my base set zeds and I want to paint the plague carriers too. I want them to look like a part of my original set but at the same time be able to tell them apart. I was thinking of leaving the the edge of the base red or painting flesh in a red tone. I was leaning towards the red base. Just wanted to hear what you good folk think and if you have any other ideas that would be great too. By the way, I am very new to painting.
You can do grass vs rock vs sand covering on the bases!

EDIT: You already did the grass vs rock, do one with sand or a different color of rock/grass. You could go for a "blood-splattered grass/rock" look, or sand.

EDIT2: There's always metal shavings or glass shards, too.
Glass! Haven't thought of that. What would you use that looks like glass? I don't think I would want to use real glass. I was also thinking of giving the zeds a human flesh tone too.
I'd leave the base rim red or paint it a stronger red. I've done this with Heroes (grey), Zombies (green), Grave Dead (black), Ferral Zombies (yellow). Certainly helps game play, especially with new players.
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