Full Version: Honest Gripes about the Miniatures
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So, generally speaking I *love* the Last Night on Earth miniatures (and all the expansions.)

.... but, because I'm an obsessive nerd, I wanted to start a thread to point out some of the flaws I recognize and see if anyone agrees with me:

Flaw #1 - All miniatures released after Growing Hunger have sharp edges on the upper edges of their slightly taller bases instead of rounded edges.

Flaw #2 - Sally Survivor and Jake Cartwright Survivor (from Timber Peak) both seem to be designed less carefully than their original models. For painting purposes, I find the folds of Sally's white shirt, black jacket, and brown purse strap to be extremely fussy to identify - basically you have to make up some of the detail yourself while painting since it isn't really there properly on the mini.

Flaw #3 - I don't know how to put this delicately, but Nikki has a rather vacuous space where her booty should be (compare Rachelle, Detective Winters for nearly the same leg posture with the back side done right.) Other than this flaw, Nikki is one of my favorite minis, however, and I especially like the detail of the flare gun as well as the flashlight hanging from her belt.

Flaw #4 - Although I adore Alice's miniature, she's attached to the base in such a delicate and symmetrical way that her miniature seems to have a tendency to be a "leaner" - I've gotten one really bad one that leans far forward, and one that's much better. (Some of the Zombies do this too, but as they come and go from the game it isn't as noticeable.) Also, she might not resemble the actress who portrays her in the photo artwork especially well: though they are both cute, the miniature is maybe too tall and slender, and too long-faced (same problem exists with Jade, but to a lesser extent.)

I really think Agent Carter and Sister Ophelia are high quality sculpts, so while I've managed to complain about almost every miniature in the Timber Peak set, it seems that after that, they have gone back to paying a higher attention to detail again. I can't wait to see the 9 new miniatures for 2017's products in person (I'm counting Betsy the dog as well) to see how they hold up.
I agree with you on all counts.
Oops, I forgot one. My criticism about Alice not really matching her actor extends also to Ed Baker, Lumberjack, but in the opposite direction. The face on the miniature is so square-jawed and thick necked, almost as if the sculptor modeled him off of Ed Hurley on the Twin Peaks TV series by "accident", but the actor portraying Ed in the Timber Peak game is really a strapping young man with a slender face.

Hmm... the Alice miniature might be modeled after Shelly Johnson from the Twin Peaks TV series as well... I think I'm seeing what happened here.
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