Full Version: Flocked Bases and Timber Peak Heroes
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Today I flocked the bases of the zombies with two different materials to differentiate the green and brown "teams", and I also finished three of the Timber Peak Heroes in my set (basically duplicating the style of the ones I previously painted for my friend's set.) I like the idea of flocked zombie bases to make the miniatures easier to distinguish while playing. I still prefer my hero bases to be bright white, which I realize might make me a little bit odd... I like the contrast it provides to help see the details of the hero, since most heroes are wearing dark pants and shoes. I think of them like spotlights on a stage.

[Image: FlockedZombies.jpg]

I haven't flocked my Grave Weapons or Grave Dead yet. They're still identified with a color ring around the outside edge of their white bases, which was how my regular zombies were previously dressed as well. I haven't decided if I should do anything to them, or if the difference will help in game-play.

[Image: TimberPeakHalf.jpg]

New Sally and New Sheriff Anderson haven't received their protective gloss coats yet. I also changed my mind on the color of Anderson's shirt ever-so-slightly.

Maybe tomorrow I can get Cartwright, Nikki, and Ed finished.

I'm trying to get my backlog of LNoE crafts all done before my 10th Anniversary and Hero Pack 2 arrive.
Thanks for sharing. I also base my figures differently:

Zombies = green static grass with green base edge
Zombie Plague Carriers = green static grass with original red base edge
Zombie Grave Dead with Weapons = green static grass with black base edge
Heroes = green static grass & grey gravel with grey base edge
Heroes (TP & BitF) = green static grass with grey base edge
Zombie Heroes (customised) = green static flock with red base edge

BTW - try using some ink washes on your brown bases - it will give depth.
Achtung Panzer, that's a great idea. I'll practice on some scrap material first and see what I can do with it.

Here's my update after another day of painting.

I took a couple photos of my full set of heroes. (See Below) The six Timber Peak heroes in the front row are the ones I did this past week. (Today I finished Nikki the Bush Pilot, Jake Cartwright Woodinvale Survivor, and Ed Baker the Lumberjack.)

My goal with this set of Heroes is to try to make them as close to the photographic artwork in the game as possible in terms of color choice, staying bright and bold without being tacky (my zombies are darker and involve more washes, as you can see earlier in this thread.)

I keep the faces very simple so they don't end up looking too big-headed or rough faced... I've found a lot of the faces on other people's miniatures I've seen online to be distracting because of exaggerated features. For my figures, men usually have only a simple brown wash on the face, just to fill in the eyes and lips and reveal a little detail. Women usually have black or brown delicately filled eyes (often just lines or dots), with a dab of pink or red for lipstick. I do a wash over certain clothing items if it makes sense (seldom light colored items), and a little bit of dry brushing here or there (such as chainsaw blades and chains, and highlights on jeans.)

[Image: 2016HeroesTouchedUp.jpg]

[Image: 2016HeroesTouchedUp-Rear.jpg]
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