Full Version: Black and White Film Zombies
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Wow, I didn't even wait for the white paint to dry before taking this photo, and haven't done any ink wash, or any touch-ups at all. But I was so eager to share this concept.

Especially with the 10 Year Anniversary Edition arriving soon, I've got a few extra teams of 7 zombies hanging around that have no specific purpose, so I am starting to do some "just for fun" ideas.

Well, sometimes, an old Black and White movie is the best kind of horror...

[Image: LNOE-BlackAndWhiteZombies.jpg]

What do you think?
I love that look! Great job!
You need black and white board to play Watchmen02
(09-14-2017 08:38 PM)kingbrucelee Wrote: [ -> ]You need black and white board to play Watchmen02

Challenge accepted.
Great ideaZombie17 Just like the original Night of the Living Dead
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