Full Version: Zombie Betsy Prototype...
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Okay kids, don't try this at home...

[Image: z-betsy-proto.jpg]

I know this is probably a little bit of a grey area, but I'm attempting to replicate Betsy as a starting point for a Zombie Betsy, as I did not want to sacrifice one of the 6000 official instances of her for the purpose of zombification. The upper parts of her front legs and her tail didn't cast, but otherwise I think it turned out alright.

I might try one more, being a little more careful to get all the bubbles out, before committing to which one I will be altering/painting.
Great idea,looking good so far.
I gotta have one!!
It kind of makes sense that her tail would rot and fall off first. Her neck looks like it has a goiter ready to burst. The casting errors help to make the mini. Love it!
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