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Hello. Im new to the LNOE world. So far i only have 2 games under my belt, but many more will be played. We did the die zombie die and the stock up scenarios. The die zombie die was kind of slow but we expected that from an intro scenario. We left everything core set only except 2 card suppliments. It was cool drawing a zombie card that let me draw a hero card and make them into a zombie hero. I forced the sheriff to put a bullet in his son's head lol.

The stock up scenario was a lot more fun and should probably be used as a intro mission when i show new players the game. We added the growing hunger expansion. It was fun. I started with only 3 zombies and rolled snake eyes first 2 spawn checks. I had a zombie event add 1 zombie so i had 4 total. Rolled a 3 for the next spawn lol. We did random hero's. They ended up with 2 police who start with guns and got a first aide item on round 2. That put them at a huge advantage. We experimented with dot system and added exploration tokens for heros and red zombies for zombie player. ( wasnt much use when i didnt have good rolls for the 2 for 1 trade)
To top it off, the heros got the 5th hero token too lol.

All in all we had fun.
Welcome aboard DmJ. Good move adding Growing Hunger it adds a lot to LNoE.

Greetings Deadman Joe. Sounds like you have many great games ahead!

Happy gamingZombie17
Welcome! This place is great for info about LNOE!
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