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I've been on the forums for all of 4 days now, and I realized I didn't introduce myself. How silly of me!

I've been playing LNoE for many years, but for some reason never came out to the forums. And I'm not sure why. But I'm here now, living in Sin City (or, rather, a suburb thereof) and hoping to make some new LNoE friends!
Welcome aboard PS.

Tell us about your experiences with Vassal. I tried it aaages ago and found it lacking... But, then again, that was ages ago.

Isn't Sin City itself a suburb of Sin City?
Vassal still is lacking. It's not a perfect replacement for trying to play board games online, but it's not a bad option. It really boils down to 2 things:

1. Completeness of the module you are playing; and
2. Honesty.

I mean, all games are about being honest up front. But with Vassal, unless the module has it coded for a GM's seat, anybody really can cheat and look ahead. And even GM's can cheat and reshuffle cards and place things where they want them. So unlike being face-to-face, you have to really be honest about what's going on or you can find that your games get slanted heavily one way or the other.

The other thing I mentioned above is the completeness of the module you are playing. For example, I'm being a complete nerd and running though an entire season in NFL Strategy right now, using the upcoming 2018 schedule, just to see what happens. And version 1.5 of the module was missing just a few minor things in the Solitaire Offense button - most notably it was missing 2 running plays - which required a minor update. Now, anyone can update a Vassal module if they wish...but you have to know what's wrong and what needs to be fixed in order to do it. It's not hard, but if you don't pay attention and don't know what's wrong, you may not get the full experience.

But, the one thing that Vassal has going for it is the ability to save games. Ever tried just leaving your board game out, all the pieces in their respective places, and you run out to eat or to pick something or someone up...and you come back to find your cats have decided the pawns are toys for them? You don't have to worry about that with Vassal. You can save a game, disconnect and live your life, and come back at any time. Which is a huge advantage, and one of the reasons my group of friends and I are trying to switch to more Vassal instead of Skype and everyone one of us having to keep our boards updated and in sync with one another.

I guess, overall, I would prefer the face-to-face and touching of the actual pieces. But Vassal isn't a bad option, provided you don't look at it as a complete replacement for every board game ever.
Welcome aboard,it gets real quiet in here sometimes.....
But be careful there’s lurkers everywhere....
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