Full Version: Hello all, FANG and AToE nut here!
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Hello all, I downloaded Pfr_Fate’s Hunting the Night a while back and have enjoyed a few scenarios v Headless Rider, Vampire, Bog Fiend, Banshee, Necromancer and Werewolf with various levels of success and failure with mainly my wife, but on occasion with my daughter and her fiancé and our family friend, who can turn his mind to tactics at a level far superior to me! I find it adds that little bit of atmosphere to the game, not that it lacks any, and can be the difference between a ravaging defeat and a slim victory - my dice rolling generally hovers on average or below!
I really enjoyed the Vampire game, but was a little unsure how to handle the Catch it at Rest tactic, and felt I had to formulate my own addition by allowing the hero with the wooden stake one attack with any weapons held unopposed by the Mist defence (he is asleep!) and no strikeback. We did win, not rampantly I might add, but after our first use it appeared that rolling Combat plus wooden stake doubled, then defended by Mist, just had little or no effect and was soundly beaten by Fangy!
I am looking forward to getting the Fortune and Glory new releases in 9 weeks or so, the Temples and Treasures and the new band of baddies (I hate The Crimson Hand, and have a fear that this lot will be even harder to beat!), but just love this game so much!
Regards, Mark
Welcome to TZG ,ATOE is also my favorite FFP Game and Fortune & Glory a close 2nd.I'll have to
check out the new releases although I have the Treasure Hunters & Rise of the Crimson Hand Expansions
so the new releases may just be rereleases .

Hi Old Dwarf, having just looked at Waylands website it’s a Temples and Treasures expansion and I believe some Chinese Triad type Vile Organisation, due out in 60 odd days time so keep em peeled and takes your pick (or shovel or revolver)...
I am therefore hoping it’s a new way of handling temples, treasures and whatever guards them and some nasty baddies to lose to instead of the Crimson Hand! We usually hammer the Mob and Krauts but the Red Fist bunch are a harder nut to crack...
I checked the Expansions on BGG and yes they are new material so I just may get them.

Welcome, welcome! I am primarily ATOE player but I have played FANG on tabletop simulator. Welcome to the forums.
Thanks Ratmilk, my main game of the two is FANG due to my wife’s preference but I enjoy ATOE because of the flavour of that time in history! I prefer Black Plague to normal Zombicide for that same reason and I am looking forward to Kickstarter’s Solomon Kane game in process for next year release, again for period and enjoyment of Robert E Howard’s stories. We do (along with our other gamer friends/relatives) play many various games but I am a recent owner of ATOE after buying a fairly cheap second hand, very good condition game off eBay and getting SW, HP1 and 2 shortly after. We are steadily getting better at the game, learning the tactics and trying hard to allay the bad dice rolling and unlucky card picks! We played a four hero co-op game v Bog Fiend the other day, using Hunting the Night, and concentrated on preventing his regen ability and beat him well despite getting two of the four ko’d! Hours of fun!
Ah man. Too bad my Hero pack I just finished isn't up yet. I have 6 heroes for ATOE and one of them is essentially Solomon Kane.
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